Assembly Line Worker

An Assembly Line is usually found in a factory. This ‘line’ is a manufacturing procedure in which individuals (Assembly Line Workers) add one interchangeable part (or set of tasks) to the whole in a specific order for production efficiency.


At the moment, the baking industry faces a critical shortage of skilled labour which impacts on productivity and the bottom line. These means – that becoming a Baker might ensure you have a job at the end of the day. A Baker works in a bakery. They bake and sell breads, cakes and similar foods. The boundary between a Baker and a Pastry Chef have blurred over the past few years, so some Bakers now bake pastries and confectioneries too.


A Barista is a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. Barista jobs are popular all around the world. As the coffee grows internationally there are many work opportunities for good baristas. South Africa is no exception!


A Blacksmith is a professional who works with metals such as iron, shaping them into useful or decorative shapes. Blacksmiths forge iron for industrial, commercial, domestic and artistic purposes. If you’re creative and like working with your hands – this could be the career for you!


A Boat Builder is also known as a Shipwright. They construct sea-worthy floating vessels like boats and ships, which include, for example, yachts, sailboats, schooners, cruise liners etc.

Boutique Dressmaker

The world of fashion is your passion. Why not consider a career in Dressmaking. Boutique Dressmakers make, alter or repair clothing for private boutiques.


Brewers make various alcoholic drinks like beer and wine.


A Butcher is a professional who cuts and prepares meat for sale. They range from supermarket Butchers who work with already-slaughtered (killed) animals to traditional Butchers who travel to farms to kill the animals humanely themselves. Butchery is a skilled trade.


Does cheese make you drool? Are you a cheese lover or do you prefer chocolate? If the idea of making cheese excited you – why don’t you consider becoming a Cheesemaker?

Clothing Manager

They are in charge of quality standards and that the clothes are manufactured to the right price, specifications and on time. They are in charge of quality standards and that the clothes are manufactured to the right price, specifications and on time.


Cobblers work with shoes.

They either make new shoes or boots or mend them by replacing old soles, heels and buckles.


Coppersmiths work mainly with non- ferrous metal such as copper and brass, manufacturing cylinders, pipes and cisterns.

Deck (Navigation) Officer

A Deck (Navigation) Officer is an important member of the ship’s management team. They are in charge of the very expensive ship, cargo and/or passengers on board. The goal of most Deck (Navigation) Officers is to become Captain.

Deck Hand (Able Seaman)

The main job of a Deck Hand or Able Seaman is to stand watch on the bridge or at the wheel house. They help the Desk Officer by steering the ship according to the Desk Officer’s instructions.

Deck Hand (Oiler)

An Oiler is a junior or entry-level position. Oilers usually work in the engineering section (engine room) of a ship. The main job of an Oiler is to oil all the machinery.

Deck Hand (Ordinary Seaman)

An Ordinary Seaman is usually training to become an Able Seaman. They don’t have to ‘stand watch’. Ordinary Seamen generally assist will all aspects of the ship’s maintenance and cleaning while getting trained on-the-job.

Deck Hand (Wiper)

A Wiper has the most junior, but responsible job on a ship. Their main job is to clean engine spaces and machinery. They may also get the chance to help engineers. Becoming a Wiper is a stepping stone to more challenging career opportunities in engineering.

Diamond Sawyer or Cutter

Your career could sparkle! Are you good with your hands? Do you have a passion for diamonds and gemstones? Then becoming a Diamond Cutter may be the right job for you! A Diamond Cutter is a trained and skilled artisan who takes a rough diamond and ‘cuts’ it into a faceted shape and polishes it into a beautifully, sparkly diamond.

Engineering Officer

An Engineering Officer is the person responsible for making sure the ship operates at optimum levels. An Engineering Officer is in control of the administration of the Engineering Department on a ship. The Engineering Officer will report to the Chief Engineer.

Environmental Health Officer

An Environmental Health Officer’s main tasks are to inspect, identify and report on hazards in the workplace. If you are safety conscious and observant, this may be the job you’re looking for.

Fibreglass Worker

Fibreglass Workers work with moulds and manufacture items from fibreglass mixed with resin.

Food Scientist and Technologist

They are responsible for applying the findings of research to the field of food processing, thus developing and improving products and processes to be more beneficial to both industry and consumer.

Food Technologist

A Food Technologist is not a Chef or a Dietician! Food Technologist are scientists and they’re in demand! Food Technology is the scientific study of the large-scale production and preservation of foods as well as the development and analysis of foodstuffs in industrial food processing facilities.

Fork Lift Operator

A Forklift Operator uses a forklift, to move materials. He or she may work in a variety of settings, but is most often found in a warehouse facility or a factory setting. Operators may also work in supply yards and on loading docks.

Furniture Polisher

Furniture Polishers polish timber furniture and musical instruments by hand or with a machine to give them a protective and attractive finish.

Glass Blower

Glassblowers dip a hollow pipe into molten glass and blow into the pipe until the glass expands.

Glass instrument makers

Glass instrument makers manufacture and repair glass appliances and instruments for use by scientists and researchers in experiments.


Goldsmiths design, make, alter and repair items generally made of gold, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Health & Safety Manager

A Health & Safety Manager is responsible for the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. If you’re reliable and responsible and have no problem following rules, this may be the career you’re looking for.

Health & Safety Manager

A Health & Safety Manager is responsible for the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. If you’re reliable and responsible and have no problem following rules, this may be the career you’re looking for.

Marine Pilot

A Marine Pilot does NOT fly planes! Pilotage is a very specialised job. The main job of a Marine Pilot is to guide the ship in or out of port and as well as control all movements once inside the harbour. This job can be quite tricky during severe weather conditions.


Millers are responsible for the processing of different types of grain, especially wheat and maize for baking and booking purposes.

Naval Architect

A Naval Architect designs ships, yatchs and boats of all sizes. It is a very complex job which combines technical, structural and safety aspects with creative design.

Pastry Chef

Pastry Chefs are in demand!

Here’s a finger-licking, sweet job for you! If you have a passion for food, particularly pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods, then becoming a Pastry Chef may be the job for you.

Roll Turner

The trade name of a Roll Turneris descriptive of the work. A metal blank is formed (turned) to a specific shape required for the rolling of steel in a rolling mill. Railway rails are one of the products made by a roll turner.

Rubber technologist

As a rubber technologist you will apply your knowledge of physics, chemistry and engineering to the process of converting raw rubber material into saleable products such as tyres and rubber bands.

Safety Inspector

A Safety Inspector is responsible for checking to make sure all machines and equipment are complying with government and industry safety standards. They will also be responsible for making sure that the working conditions of employees are safe and hygienic.


A Sailmaker’s main job is to make sails for the sailing industry. These days, sailing has become extremely high-tech so that means sail making has had to keep up with the times. Sail design & sail making involves high tech machinery and skill.

Saw Operator

There are two kinds of saw-operators:
The forestry saw-operator.
The sawmill saw-operator.

Shoe Repairer

The Shoe Repairer repairs worn or damaged footwear.


Being a Tailor is a really exciting career choice. Due to ever-changing fashion – it will keep you on your toes and therefore give you job satisfaction. You won’t get bored. A Tailor is a skilled person who makes fitted clothes for individual customers.

Vehicle Body Builder

Do you like assembling and dismantling engines and other mechanical devices? Do you enjoy working with your hand? Does the world of vehicle building interest you? Then becoming a Vehicle Body Builder could be the career for you.


There are two types of weavers: hand weavers and operators of mechanised weaving machines.

Wine Maker

Winemakers plan, supervise and coordinate the production of wine or spirits from selected varieties of grapes. Winemakers need an excellent sense of smell and taste, and should be able to think analytically to solve problems. They should be able to make accuarate observations, and need good interpersonal and communication skills.


The woodmachinist produces furniture components for the making of furniture.