B&B Manager / Owner

A B&B Manager / Owner is responsible for the day-to-day management of a B&B (bed and breakfast) and its staff. They are also in charge of al the planning, organising and directing all services, including front-of-house (reception, reservations, housekeeping etc).

B&B Manager / Owner

A B&B Manager / Owner is responsible for the day-to-day management of a B&B (bed and breakfast) and its staff. They are also in charge of al the planning, organising and directing all services, including front-of-house (reception, reservations, housekeeping etc).


A Barista is a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. Barista jobs are popular all around the world. As the coffee grows internationally there are many work opportunities for good baristas. South Africa is no exception!


A Bartender serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from behind a counter in a bar, pub, tavern, or similar establishment.


For a start, a Bookmaker does NOT make books!

A Bookmaker is a person who works in the gambling industry. They take bets from punters (customers) in person. When bets are received, the numbers are checked and the bets entered.


Butlers are back in fashion and are not only found in the homes of the rich and famous but are also found in hotels, resorts, on cruise ships etc. Trained Butlers can find work locally as well as internationally. A Butler is actually a ‘luxury’ servant! They can work for 1 person or work for an establishment and be in charge of all the serving staff.


Does entertainment through food and wine excite you. Then becoming a Professional Caterer is a career to consider.


IN DEMAND: A Chef usually runs or is in charge of a kitchen in a restaurant, hotel, school, hospital, old-aged home, university, cruise ship, resort etc. They are in charge of the kitchen staff, preparing menus, ordering supplies and preparing the food. Chefs work particularly long hours.


A Concierge is a person, employed by a hotel, apartment or office building who generally meets and greets people at the front door. In very upmarket hotels, the Concierge is expected to organise and achieve ‘the impossible’ for the guests/celebrities, no matter how strange the request is.

Croupier / Dealer

Croupiers are employed by casinos. They are responsible for operating the casino games for the customers. They place the customers’ bets and facilitate the payouts.

Day Spa General Manager

A Day Spa General Manager generally works in a hotel, resort or safari lodge. They are in charge of the daily running of the spa as well as monitoring and managing staff, ordering stock and making sure that the guests/clients are satisfied with their spa treatments.


A Dishwasher works in the kitchen of a restaurant (in a private establishment, hotel, lodge, resort, cruise ship, hotel, school, etc). Their work is very important because they need to keep a steady flow of clean dishes, pots and pans etc ready for the chef and the cooking team.

Executive Housekeeper

An Executive Housekeeper generally works in a hotel, resort, bed & breakfast or private home. The Executive Housekeeper is in charge and supervises and manages the housekeeping staff to ensure a high standard of cleanliness in all guest rooms and communal/public areas.

Food and Beverage Manager

Food and Beverage Managers are responsible for co-ordinating all food and beverage requirements for hotels, conference centres, fast food outlets, lodges and restaurants.

Food Services Manager

A Food Services Manager is a person who is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the supply of food to a large number of people.

Gaming Worker (Casino)

If you have a desire to work at a casino and would like to get started, you may consider becoming a Gaming Worker. Gaming Worker’s job is to operate table games like poker, roulette, blackjack etc.

Guest Liaison

The Guest Liaison is a combination of receptionist, concierge and host/hostessing roles. The Guest Liaison (also known as a GL) is the central contact point for any guest requirements or needs within a hotel. The GL plays an important role in making sure that the hotel runs smoothly. Interested? Read on to find out more…

Hotel / Resort Receptionist

A Hotel/Resort Receptionist is the first person guests speak to at the establishment. They work at the front desk and make sure that all the guests’ needs are taken care of. Their job is to make sure that guests are made to feel welcome at all times.

Hotel Bellman / Bellhop

A Bellman is employed by a hotel. After the receptionist, they are the next employee the guest encounters. They help guests with their luggage and show guests to their room. Bellmen are usually found inside a hotel while Porters usually work outside the hotel.

Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel Housekeeping – see ‘Executive Housekeeping’ under Cleaning & Housekeeping on our website for more details.

Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager is the person who is responsible for the entire running operations of a hotel. The Hotel Manager will not sit in an office all day but also move around the hotel to make sure everyone is doing their job and that the whole establishment is running smoothly.

Hotel Porter

A Hotel Porter is similar to a Hotel Bellman except that a Porter usually works outside the hotel and the Bellman generally works inside the hotel. A Hotel Porter needs to be neat and tidy and extremely professional because they are the very first person a guest encounters when arriving at a hotel. This job can be a stepping stone to bigger and greater things in the hotel industry.

Kitchen Porter

Interested in working in the hospitality industry but you are unsure of which direction? Perhaps working as a Kitchen Porter could help you make up your mind. A Kitchen Porter is responsible for cleaning the dishes, pots and pans, bowls and cutlery – restacking and packing as well as doing basic food preparation, like making salads etc.

Maitre D’

A Maitre D’ is the ‘front of house’ person for a formal, fine dining establishment whether it be a private restaurant, a restaurant in a hotel or on a cruise ship.

Maitre D’

A Maitre D’ is the ‘front of house’ person for a formal, fine dining establishment whether it be a private restaurant, a restaurant in a hotel or on a cruise ship.


Mixologists work as bartenders in bars, restaurants, clubs and at private parties. Apart from pouring beer and regular drinks for customers, mixologists are trained to entertain the crowds. Your stepping stone to fame or a career in the hospitality industry.

Pastry Chef

Pastry Chefs are in demand!

Here’s a finger-licking, sweet job for you! If you have a passion for food, particularly pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods, then becoming a Pastry Chef may be the job for you.

Reservations Agent

A Reservation Agent is the person in charge of reservations in a hotel, resort, lodge, car rental company, spa, or any other business or organisation where reservations are required.
A Reservation Agent needs to be professional and organised at all times.

Reservations and Tickets Clerk

Do you enjoy working with people? Does a career in tourism interest you? Do you have a knack for details? Then becoming a Reservations or Ticket Clerk may be a career that would interest you.

Restaurant Host / Hostess

Do you think that you might be interested in the restaurant business? Do you enjoy working with and helping people? Are you great at making first impressions? Then you may enjoy a job as a Host or Hostess.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Managers operate for others or run their own restaurants. They are responsible for the quality and reputation of the restaurant. They handle a wide range of administrative and HR duties, including hiring staff and training staff to provide quality food and service.

Slot Machine Technician

As a Slot Machine Technician you will be responsible for the maintenance and repair work on the slot machines found in casinos. It is necessary for Slot Machine Technicians to undergo special Training.

Tour Bus Driver

The job of a Tour Bus Driver is to drive a bus professionally, usually for a tour company. He/she carries passengers safely from one destination to another. Some Tour Bus Drivers work locally (in cities) and others nationally (driving passengers from one city to another). They drive specific routes according to specified time schedules.

Tour Manager

Does a career in organising and accompanying holidaymakers on tours through various locations and countries both local and overseas excite you? Then a career in tourism management could be just what you are looking for.

Tour Operator

Tour Operators organise and accompany groups of holidaymakers on package tours to a wide variety of locations (locally and internationally).

Tourism Entrepreneur

Do you love your country and enjoy working with people?
Do you explore new areas of interest and believe that others should experience these areas too?
Becoming a Tourism Entrepreneur could be the field for you.

Tourism Marketing Manager

A Tourism Marketing Manager will work for a tourism company, coach or tour company, or other tourist related organisation. They will be in charge of the marketing and advertising campaigns for these companies.

Tourism Operations Manager

Tourism Managers are highly self-motivated people who enjoy interacting with others and facing challenges. They are committed to providing a service that involves managing the tour guides, planning of the adventure activities and ensuring the safety of the people taking part in the activities.

Tourist Guide

A Tour Guide is a recognised profession in the tourism sector.
Tour Guides fall into 3 main categories: Nature, Culture and Adventure.
A Tourist Guide must be passionate and have in-depth knowledge of their subject. They must be confident enough to answer questions put to them by tourists.

Tourist Guide: Adventure

If the outdoor life is your attraction and your adventurous spirit cannot be tamed – becoming an Adventure Tourist Guide could be the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Tourist Guide: Agri-tourism

Does visiting working farms, wineries and other areas of the agricultural industry make you stand up and listen. Perhaps then a career as an Agritourism Guide is something to look in to.

Tourist Guide: Cultural

A Cultural Tourist Guide is a tour guide who specialises in a particular field like history, art, food etc.

Tourist Guide: Nature

A Nature Tourist Guide is passionate about nature and usually specialises in a particular field like birds, trees or rock formations etc. A Nature Tourist Guide will share their information and passion with tourists.

Travel Agent

A Travel Agent usually works for a travel agency or freelance for themselves.

They are responsible for researching and booking all travel arrangements on behalf of their clients. These customers can be private individuals or corporate clients.

Travel Consultant

A Travel Consultant is a sales-based job. You may not have traveled to all corners of the world, but it is your ability to sound like you have that will ensure your success as a Travel Consultant. This is very important as most Travel Consultants are paid commission or paid basic salaries with incentives.

Waiter / Waitress / Waitron

Waitresses / Waiters (or Waitrons) usually work in restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels. Common duties include taking customer orders, serving food and beverages, clearing and setting tables and preparing the bills.

Some Waitrons work part-time to supplement their monthly income, while others wait tables full time.

Wine Steward / Sommelier

A Wine Steward/Sommelier is a wine professional who works in a fine-dining restaurant or in an upmarket hotel. They are trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of wine making as well as wine & food pairing. They are much more informed than a wine waiter.