A Bodyguard (Close Protection Officer) is a specialised security man or woman who protects a person/s. People who need protection – usually include celebrities, wealthy or politically important figures.

Chick Sexer

A Chick Sexer or Chicken Sexer is a trained individual who is responsible for working out the sex of a baby chicken. They make sure which chickens lay eggs and which become meat.

Colonic Hydrotherapist

A Colonic Hydrotherapist is a trained, alternative medical health practitioner who ‘flushes’ out the colon of their patients using warm water.

Cow Inseminator

A Cow Inseminator is a trained person who artificially inseminates a cow for breeding purposes. Artificial Insemination (AI) is extremely common in dairy farming. Artificial Insemination can also happen in other animal species. It’s even used on endangered wildlife to help them raise their numbers.

Fire Fighter

Do you like danger and adventure? Are you brave and responsible? Can you handle stressful situations? If you said YES, YES, YES – then becoming a Fire Fighter may be the job you’re looking for!

Living Statue

A Living Statue is a form of Mime Artist. A Living Statue usually works as a street performer (busker), posing for hours like a statue. In some upmarket stores in London and New York, Living Statues pose as ‘live’ mannequins in the store windows.

Mime Artist

A Mime Artist is a form of silent actor. They do not utter a sound but are able to entertain audiences using only movement and expressions.

Portable Toilet Cleaner

Portable Toilet Cleaners are also known as Porta-Potty Technicians. Yes! Someone has to do it, and this is a real, disgusting job! A Portable Toilet Cleaner does just that. They clean portable toilets. A porta-potty is a portable toilet.

Rope Access Technician

A Rope Access Technician is also known as a Rigger. They have a very dangerous and exciting job. So if you’re brave and don’t mind working at heights, this could be the career you’re looking for!

Skyscraper Window Cleaner

A Skyscraper Window Cleaner is a ‘Superman’ kind of job! They are responsible for cleaning the outside windows of extremely high buildings.

Snake Milker

A Snake Milker is trained to remove (milk) the venom from various, poisonous snakes like mambas, cobras and pythons. This is a very dangerous procedure because at any one time, the snake may move and escape leaving the Snake Milker in danger of being bitten.

Surfboard Shaper

Surfboard Shapers play an extremely important role in surfing circles. They are the designer-scientists that design, create and shape surfboards around the world. Surfboards have to be function-specific – It’s so important that one surfboard can change a surfer’s life for ever!

Target Girl

A Target Girl or Target Person is a very brave person indeed! A Target Girl is the person/target who stands directly in front of an impaler, in a circus or performance.The impaler throws knives and axes or shoots arrows directly at the Target Girl aiming to get the knife, axe or arrow as close as possible to the Target Girl without actually injuring them.