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Raymond Caddick: Lead Analyst

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JOB TITLE: Lead Analyst – MIBI (Management Information & Business Intelligence)
COMPANY:  World Network Services (WNS)
TIME AT COMPANY: 4 years and 4 months

Meet Raymond Caddick: Lead Analyst – MIBI

“I am a passionate individual that likes getting things done in an accurate, fast and efficient way. I work hard, and love developing my skill sets, talents and work ethic.”

What do you love most about your job?

The constant learning journey, allows me to continually keep growing and adding new and exciting things to what we are currently doing

How did you get into this position, and did you have any formal training or work experience?

Hard work, hard work and more hard work. I studied at home to ensure that I understood the languages required for the position and showed the correct characteristics needed through my dedication at work. Once I was in the department, further growth was assured as I was in an environment I found interesting, making work

What challenges did you face along the way?

There were often times when I had to sacrifice my time and weekends to for work, however it is worth it in the long run when you look back at the growth that you have achieved.

Does your company offer training for career advancement?

Yes, they do. They have send me on multiple internal courses to develop such things as coaching and management skills, as well a course on programming in C#. We are also working on an internal departmental skill development programme, which will allow employees to develop their skill towards getting Microsoft certified.

What career path options are available to you in this industry?

The paths are infinite, from becoming a Data Scientist analysing data, to developing business application through C#, to building analytical and predictive models with python and machine learning. All of these require a lot of work to attain, however this is the perfect environment to be in while you develop those skills.

Tell us about a typical day at work

Hours can depend on workload. Often times there is requirement to get something over the line, while other times these hours are more relaxed. Stress can vary, however is usually mitigated by support from someone in the team. We have quite a good group of people within our team, which makes days a lot more colourful.

Why would you recommend this industry to other young people?

Great industry to be in that is always hiring and is on the critical skills list almost all over the world. Can’t go wrong with data science.

What advice would you give others to deal with work challenges?

Challenges vary, but I would say the most challenging is understanding what you need to do, without necessarily knowing coding logic will get you there. My advice is to break the problem down into smaller parts and solve each one individually, and then bring them all together to solve the final requirement.

What has been your proudest work moment in the BPO industry?

Creating the current reporting suite that is used by all campaigns within the business. At the time there was no one else that knew how to use the platform they were built in, so it I had no one else to ask for help. This therefore made the achievement of completing them and getting them to work so much more meaningful.

Do you have a role model or work mentor, and if so, how has he/she inspired and helped you to grow professionally?

Pretty much anyone that understands machine learning is a role model for me, which is driving me to gain the knowledge to be able to add value within that field.

How do you find balance between work and your private life?

With difficulty

What is the NUMBER 1 tip that you have for young people considering a career in BPO ?

There are many opportunities within the BPO sector, however make sure that you put your efforts into the highly skilled side, which means you have endless opportunities grow anywhere and at any company.



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