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A day with Daisy Morake

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JOB TITLE:    Assistant Manager
COMPANY:  World Network Services (WNS)
TIME AT COMPANY: 2 years and 7 months

Meet Daisy Morake: Assistant Manager at WNS SA (Pty) Ltd.

“I am a Millennial who everyday strives to live her best life because of the wide opportunities I have. Born and raised in Witbank Mpumalanga, I’m driven by bettering myself. I hold a diploma in Business Accounting and have been in the finance industry for almost 3 years. If I’m not balancing accounts I’m exploring the amazing food South Africa has to offer. Food, places and people create memories.”


What do you love most about your job?

I enjoy the challenges it brings, which allow me to use my quality of problem-solving. You can never know what problems to anticipate when month end approaches, which keeps me on my toes. Also, being in an environment where there’s daily and monthly reconciliation, has taught me to be money savvy.

How did you get into this position, and did you have any formal training or work experience?

I had a diploma in business accounting when I first joined our company as an Associate. Candidates with a finance background were required for handover, and little experience was required at the time because formal training was done for the handover. An assistant manager position later opened up. I was formally trained by my current senior manager who selected me after seeing my hard work and the efforts I made in learning all team members’ work and covering for them when they were out of office. I had no managerial experience prior but after my hard work, dedication and team spirit I was promoted to Assistant Manager.

What challenges did you face along the way?

Age is was a huge factor as I was tasked to manage people much older than me. At age 26 I found myself managing members in their early and late 40s. Having to make your point across, with respect, can be a challenge.

Does your company offer training for career advancement?

Yes, I was formally trained by my manager to help me advance to Assistant Manager.

What career path options are available to you in this industry?

With a Diploma I can do:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Debtors / Credit Controller
  • Financial administrator

With further studies I can do:

  • Auditing
  • Financial accountant
  • Cost accountant

Tell us about a typical day at work

I have the privilege of working flexi hours, so depending on when I arrive –  I’ll be leaving 9 hours later. My day begins with a team meeting to plan out the day and the deadlines for the week.

My second focus point is my emails. There’s a lot of communication that takes place via mail and this determines my day and what I need to work on first.
Next is payment submissions and working on reconciliations. What puts me at ease is the open plan seating arrangement and with a lot of personal interaction.

My critical worktime is month-end which starts on the first day of the month all the way till mid-month, that is the most critical time.

Would you recommend this industry to other young people?

Absolutely! Finance is evolving and you can never know what to expect. It broadens your way of thinking and how you face challenges.  If you’re not good in the creative space and more into analytical thinking then this is for you. This is a space that will always get you thinking and solutions-oriented.

What advice would you give others to deal with work challenges?

Growth is not found by changing jobs. At times there aren’t new opportunities and you can find yourself in one position but don’t be discouraged or get too comfortable. Create opportunities for yourself within the company. Do cross-training by assisting with other functions in your department. Should there be a position that opens you’ll be considered, and you’ll be ahead of a lot of people.

What has been your proudest work moment in the BPO industry?

I was selected to represent our company in the CEO Millennial Council in India. This council is a team of Millennials that have partnered with the CEO to take the company to greater heights. I am currently working on a graduate programme that will assist unemployed graduates get exposure into the workplace. Too many people with potential are sitting at home for many years because of their lack of skills. I’ll be using this platform to change those issues.

Do you have a role model or work mentor, and if so, how has he/she inspired and helped you to grow professionally?

I actually have two mentors. Claude Naidu my Group Manager who saw how hard I work and entrusted me with a team. He always reminds me that if you apply yourself and broaden your thinking you can conquer anything. He has also helped me realise my best potential.

Judy Robison who has been such a huge supportive Mentor has helped me transformed my Graduate Programme to being more practical and able to implement. She has arranged for me to attend a Skills Development Summit that has helped me make contacts and find solutions to better the Programme.

How do you find balance between work and your private life?

I avoid taking work home. I would prefer to stay at the office till late but I never take any work home.  Time management is very essential when it comes to finding a balance. Plan out your day and set up a schedule for your on-going monthly tasks and to track your progress.

What is the NUMBER 1 tip that you have for young people considering a career in BPO ?

Experience and growth is more important than money, especially in the beginning of your career. Getting and keeping a job is not easy. Millennials should work on their personal growth in a company, and don’t have the mentality that the next job you get will be better than your current.


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