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All about BPO

Career opportunities in the BPO sector are growing and South Africa is fast becoming a leading player in international business processing as well as business outsourcing.

South Africa has witnessed high growth in the BPO industry over the past four years, growing by ~22% annually which is twice the global growth rate of the industry, and three times faster than India and the Philippines.

Many global and regional companies have set up orexpanded their operations in South Africa;  these companies represent a variety of industry verticals, such as technology and communications, financial services, legal and healthcare.

Types of BPO centres

  1. Contact centres

There are 2 main types of contact centres, although some centers may incorporate both functions:

  • Inbound centres - receive calls and emails from customers and clients, e.g. queries, requests, orders and complaints
  • Outbound centres - contact potential customers and clients with the aim of gathering information or selling a product.

2. Business outsourcing centres

Why South Africa is a world leader in BPO