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Call Centre Team Leader

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Call Centre team leaders are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. They must ensure the highest level of quality customer care. They are hands-on people who push to get the best out of people. They inspire and motivate.

What does a Call Centre team leader do?

As a mid-level manager, you report to a customer service director or centre manager. Your daily responsibilities are to maximise productivity while keeping your team motivated and customer-focused. You will also:

  • Make sure that regulations and procedures governing the business are being followed.
  • Guide your team in dealing with customer queries and when needed, step in or offer advice to a new team member.
  • Be responsible for setting work schedules for your team.
  • Set goals to motivate better performance and measure effectiveness.
  • Be a listener. You must “be there” for your team members. You won’t make it as a leader if you’re lacking in empathy.

Depending on your employee needs, you could be tasked with recruiting and interviewing candidates.

What skills you’ll need

Basically, you need A-grade people management skills. And a thorough knowledge of the industry you’re operating in. You must be an excellent communicator. It will be your responsibility to:

  • Encourage those around you to perform to their optimum capabilities
  • Ensure all contact inquiries are processed and completed to the customers’ satisfaction
  • Be tough, be disciplined, be considerate and tactful
  • Be able to handle the most difficult customers with patience and knowledge
  • Multitask, multitask, multitask

How do I become a Call Centre Team Leader?

Most employers require a Matric or Matric Equivalent, but experience of 2-4 years as a team leader seems to be the benchmark. There are specialist colleges like Ucademy who provide skills training across the BPO sector covering all job descriptions.


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