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What is a Buddhist Monk?

Buddhist Religious Leaders are monks and that dress in robes and are often found in monasteries. They have given up all worldly possessions to serve.


  • The Dalai Lama is considered one of the most famous Buddhist religious leaders of our time. The Dalai Lama has won a Nobel Peace Prize (1989) and the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor (2007).

Buddhism does not have one holy book but rather a collection of teachings which have been compiled into the Tripitaka.

Buddhism also does not have special ceremonies for marriages, births and deaths. Where the West has had some influence, in certain countries, these ceremonies may exist.

Depending on the sect and hierarchy of the monastery, the duties of the monks can differ.

What does a Buddhist Monk do?

  • performs rituals
  • conducts annual ceremonies
  • creates calligraphic seals, sometimes for tourists
  • makes preparations for holiday celebrations
  • teaches children in local school or at the monastery
  • trains younger monks in meditation, scriptures, etc
  • assists in medical clinics
  • cooks and cleans and participates in other chores at the monastery

Are you  . . . ?

  • a religious person?
  • compassionate
  • a good listener?
  • selfless?
  • willing to help others?
  • dedicated?
  • a role model?

How do I become a Buddhist Monk?

Anyone can become a Buddhist Monk.

It’s advisable to join a temple or monastery that practices Buddhism. From here, you will then be able to find a mentor or teacher to show you how to become a Buddhist Monk.


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Is becoming a Buddhist Monk the right career choice for me?