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Other names for Caretaker:

  • Building Superintendent
  • Camp Warden
  • Concierge (Building)
  • Custodian
  • Dormitory Warden
  • Hut Warden Conservation
  • Janitor
  • Landlord / Landlady
  • Maintenance Officer
  • Property Officer
  • Sexton
  • Verger

What is a Caretaker?

Caretakers take care of properties (building and grounds) like:

  • Buildings
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals etc

A Caretaker’s main job is to make sure that the building and grounds are clean and up to date with maintenance. Depending on the size of the building, the Caretaker may have to manage staff or do all the care-taking themselves.

A Caretaker will check the property every day. They will clean where necessary and do minor maintenance work.

Any work that the Caretaker can’t do, like plumbing, electrical, large painted areas and repairs, they will inform management who will in turn get quotes, from relevant companies, to do that work.

Because emergency situations, like a burst pipe, could happen at any moment, a lot of Caretakers live on the property or nearby.

What does a Caretaker do?

  • inspects property (building and grounds) on a daily basis
  • looks out for problems
  • delegates staff (if they have any)
  • does small maintenance tasks
  • liaises with management regarding large problems or repairs
  • cleans building and grounds (sweeps stairwells and passages etc, washes down walls, etc)
  • maintains gardens (weeds, mows, plants, waters etc)
  • keeps and stores equipment in a safe place
  • orders supplies if needed

Are you . . . ?

  • observant?
  • responsible and reliable?
  • hard working?
  • able to work unsupervised?
  • organised?
  • good with your hands?
  • a good communicator?

How do I become a Caretaker?

A Caretaker needs skills. The more skills you have, the more employable you are. Artisan skills like carpentry, painting and minor skills in electrical or mechanical are advantageous. You must be good with your hands.

You could jump ahead of the rest and actually studying one or more artisan trades.

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Or … you could work on a building site for a few years, and collect these skills there. Once you feel you are skilled enough, look for an Assistant Caretaker job. While in this position try and collect more skills and experience.


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Is becoming a Caretaker the right career choice for me?