Communications Developer

Communications developers are trained computer programmers whom are responsible for developing programmes that enable the world to communicate on an advanced level. Telecommunications are becoming a more integral part of our daily lives, therefore this career will soar.

They are responsible for the programming of communications via the communications ports on a computer, attached to the motherboard. Such communications could also be through cabling or infra-red and develop when an object talks to, or forms part of, another object to create a link. It is necessary for communications developers to obtain the requirements of a project by doing a requirement analysis to identify possible problems, a protocol analysis for the actual linking of the communicator, and a system analysis where one identifies the architecture and object that have to be represented in the required system.
Where to study:
Universities: UP, UFS, NMMU, SUN, NWU, UZulu, Unisa, MGI
Companies to work for:
Software development firms that specialise in communications