Dog Handler

OFO No: 541202

What is a Dog Handler?

A Dog Handler is a trained police officer who together with their dog, help to prevent and investigate crimes.

What does a Dog Handler do?

  • looks after their dog (grooms and feeds)
  • maintains order
  • enforces the law
  • investigates crimes
  • patrols public areas and communities
  • arrests criminals

Are you … ?

  • allergic to dog hair? – if yes, this will not be a good job for you.
  • love dogs?
  • interested in crime?
  • emotionally strong?
  • fit and healthy?
  • able to see and deal with violent crime scenes?
  • confident?
  • a person with an eye for detail?
  • a team player?

How do I become a Dog Handler?

  • You must be a SA citizen
  • You must be medically fit

Path 1

Basic South African Police Service entry requirements and Completed Basic Police Training.

It is recommended that the Dog Handler has a minimum 2 years experience in uniform duties, be physically fit and healthy, not be allergic to animal hair and has good motor and observation skills.



OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Animal Care Attendant or Professional Dog Walker

Is becoming a Dog Handler the right career choice for me?