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What is a Film Critic?

Can you imagine a job where you actually get paid to watch movies? That’s precisely what a Film Critic does.

Film Critics are paid to watch films of all genres (subjects) and give their brutally honest opinion in the form of written reviews.

Film Critics usually attend a film’s opening, so they see the film and crit it long before the public gets to see it.

A review from a Film Critic is subjective. A Film Critic should have good sense of quality to distinguish a cheesy comedy from an awarding winning comedy, a spaghetti western from a good western film etc.

Reviews from Film Critics are publicised on the radio, television, in various print media, on the internet etc – which means that Film Critics may have a significant influence over audience attendance.

However, reviews must never reveal the ending or give too much away.

Film Critics must have a love of arts, culture and journalism.

NOTE Only a handful of Film Critics make it ‘big’, –  many Film Critics write other articles as well for newspapers, blogs etc as a side profession.

What does a Film Critic do?

  • watches film screenings – sometimes more than one in a day
  • evaluates the acting, editing, plot, themes, and quality of the script and soundtrack
  • attends film openings otherwise known as premieres
  • researches films and their storylines, background to directors and producers and any other interesting facts about the making of the movie
  • meets newspapers / magazines deadlines
  • makestelevision / radio appearances

Are you…?

  • creative?
  • passionate about films?
  • able to work independently?
  • a self-starter?
  • a good writer?
  • able to express yourself well?
  • willing to work unusual hours?
  • willing to watch both good and bad movies?

How do I become a Film Critic?

A degree or diploma in Film is recommended.

  • SA FILM (News & Resources for SA Film Makers)

Alternatively, you could consider a degree in Journalism but you would also need courses in film studies.


Bachelor of Arts: Dramatic Arts (BADA) with a specialisation in Film and television


  • CLICK HERE to check for a training institution near you to see what they offer.
  • Make sure you understand their entry requirements for each course.
  • To avoid scamsmake sure your institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education. 
  • CLICK HERE to check accredited Private Higher Education Institutions. 


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Is becoming a Film Critic the right career choice for me?