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What is a Hindu Priest?

DID YOU KNOW? – Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world, following Christianity and Islam.

A Hindu Priest may also be called a Hindu Leader, Pujari or Swami, which means master.

A Swami is a monk. They have given up all worldly possession to completely focus on spiritual realisation. They serve other without expecting anything in return.

There are many kinds of Hindu Priests but according to strict tradition, only those from the highest caste, the Brahmans, may become priests, but in this modern world, this is changing.

Hinduism does not just have one holy book but several Sanskrit scriptures.

What does a Hindu Priest do?

  • takes care of the temple
  • prepares offerings
  • tends to holy fires
  • conducts religious ceremonies (births, birthdays, marriages, purifications & funerals)
  • some priests (gurus) impart transcendental knowledge

Are you  . . . ?

  • a religious person?
  • compassionate
  • a good listener?
  • selfless?
  • willing to help others?
  • dedicated?
  • a role model?

How do I become a Hindu Priest?

Many Hindu temples have their own strict rules on how to become a Hindu Priest.

Some modern Hindu temples are allowing non-Brahman and women into the priesthood.

Most priest training starts in childhood by their parents, community and spiritual leaders.

They study scriptures, learn about rituals, chats, mantras etc while developing their own spirituality.

Ordaining priests varies from temple to temple.


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Is becoming a Hindu Priest the right career choice for me?