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What is an Imam?

An Imam is chosen by the community and is a respected, Islamic spiritual leader.

An Imam is well versed in the Quran (the Islamic Holy Book) and can recite large parts of it.

What does an Imam do?

  • each Friday, leads congregation in prayer
  • recites the verses and words of prayer
  • interprets the Quran
  • leads nightly prayer during Ramadan
  • gives spiritual counselling to members in need
  • visits the sick and the dying
  • joins in community activities
  • leads special prayers during funerals, etc

Are you  . . . ?

  • a religious person?
  • compassionate
  • a good listener?
  • selfless?
  • willing to help others?
  • dedicated?
  • a role model?

How do I become an Imam?

A full time Imam may undergo training but it’s not compulsory. The community chooses their Imam.

For you to be chosen as an Imam one day, you will have to exercise your Islamic beliefs, prove that you’re a good role model, be an integral and upstanding member of your community – people should learn to know and respect you for what you believe and stand for – these characteristics will help you become an Imam one day.


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Is becoming an Imam the right career choice for me?