Multimedia Developer

Multimedia developers design and develop programs for multimedia products by combining sound, images and text (eg. Websites on the Internet that have images moving across the page co-ordinated with music or sound). They work with image technicians, writers, art directors, multimedia producers and sound producers and will create the software for the multimedia presentation. They need to have strong programming and designing skills and will create products such as encyclopaedias, reference, educational or commercial presentations. They use HTML coding, combined with search engines and utility function so the presentations can be viewed on the Web. Depending on the product they are designing, they will also write custom programs to meet the client’s requirements.

Where to study:
Universities: UJ, NMMU, UFS, SUN, UZulu, Unisa
Universities of Technology: CPUT, VUT, TUT
FET Colleges: Nlink
Other: CTI, MGI
Companies to work for:
Advertising agencies, multimedia companies, computer companies, large corporations, government departments