Press Photographer / Photojournalist



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Other names for Photojournalist:

  • Aerial Photographer
  • Documentary Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Landscape Photographer
  • Medical Photographer
  • News Photographer
  • Photo Finish / Post Production Photographer
  • Photographer and Image Recording Equipment Operato
  • Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Sports Photographer
  • Technical Photographer

What is a Press Photographer? What is a Photojournalist?

A Press Photographer (Photojournalist) tells a news story mainly through pictures (using both stills and video).

The “press” usually refers to newspapers.

Press Photographers or Photojournalists tend to travel a lot.  Their bags are usually small and light for easy movement.  They usually carry with them a couple of cameras, lenses, a flash and a notebook and pen to record details and even write stories.  Most Photojournalists are also reporters.

Photojournalists work within a strict ethical framework which demands that the work is both honest and impartial. 

What does a Photojournalist do?

  • getting and finishing between 2 and 6 assignments (approx.) in an eight-hour workday.
  • spotting possible news worthy stories
  • setting deadlines
  • getting accurate directions to locations
  • arriving early at locations
  • setting up equipment, prepare backgrounds and work out angles
  • taking photographs
  • editing them according to ‘press’ specifications
  • being on call, working shifts, being ready 24-7 to shoot news stories
  • being ready at all times with equipment

Are you … ?

  • interested in the news?
  • love photography?
  • work on your own?
  • motivated?
  • quick thinker?
  • confident?
  • energetic?
  • a keen writer?
  • handle yourself in stressful or volatile situations?
  • stake out locations for long  periods of time?

How do I become a Press Photographer? How do I become a Photojournalist?

Photojournalists usually need a college degree or diploma in photography. They must keep up-to-date with the latest photography equipment eg cameras, scanners, software and internet technology. 

Photojournalists are always attending launches of new products, conferences etc to keep themselves skilled.

A good Photojournalist always maintains their portfolio. This shows the photographer’s skill with a wide variety of photographic subjects and covers a wide range of techniques. Their portfolio usually consists of approximately 20 images.  It’s important that Photojournalists get their photography published.



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Is becoming a Press Photographer / Photojournalist the right career choice for me?