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What is a Sports Massage Therapist?

A Sports Masseur or Sports Massager is a person trained in treating injuries and well as implementing preventative treatments with regard to muscle health, connective tissues, symmetry, balance, posture, toning and range of movement throughout the body.

What does a Sports Massage Therapist do?

  • assesses patients with regard to ailment, injury or disease
  • designs a client-specific massage routines to assist patient
  • massages the patient regularly to attain desired well-being
  • monitors and re-assesses patient
  • keeps records of patient

Are you . . . .?

  • a people’s person?
  • able to work closely with others?
  • a good listener and empathic?
  • interested in other people’s well-being?
  • good with your hands?
  • caring?
  • professional?

How do I become a Sports Massage Therapist?


Offers a short course in Sports Massage Therapy

This course qualifies the therapist to provide massage to apparently healthy individuals, pre and post event, and to assist in general sports conditioning.

  • ETA:

Offers a Diploma in Fitness (Sport Conditioning)

Minimum requirements:

You need to have a grade 12 school leaving certificate (NSC) with an elementary achievement of 30% or more with a minimum of 40% in English (the language if instruction at eta). Or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Occupational Therapist or Fitness Instructor/Trainer

Is becoming a Sports Massage Therapist the right career choice for me?