2nd Engineering Officer

A career in Engineering could lead you to a life as an Engineering Officer on board a ship whether with the Navy or with a Commercial Shipping Company.


IN DEMAND: If you think Accounting is a boring office job…think again! Accountancy has become an exciting career that involves working with the latest accounting software and staying current with rapidly changing business and professional trends.

Accounting Technician

If you are someone who loves working with figures – but would prefer not to train further at a university, you could consider becoming an Accounts Clerk.


Acrobats use daring gymnastic skills to entertain people at circuses and exhibitions. They need to be fit, strong and agile to perform daring stunts and avoid injury. They also need to have strong self discipline and a good sense of timing.


Actors perform on stage in a theatre, on the radio, on television, or in movies. It’s hard for most actors to find steady work. Only a few become famous ‘stars’. Some actors work as ‘extras’. Actors can also teach in high school or in college drama departments.


If you love to perform on a stage, on camera or even in front of crowds at a shopping mall, then read on. Most acting jobs only last a short period of time which means they can have a long wait between jobs. Some actors have a second, different job in order to make enough money.


If your favourite subject at school is Mathematics and you’re really good at it, becoming an Actuary might be a good career choice for you. You have to have a sharp mind and be prepared to work hard, but it will be worth it. Actuaries are extremely well paid.


An Acupuncturist practices acupuncture by placing sterilised needles into the patient’s body in specific areas. These needles are only inserted a couple of mm. Acupuncturists work on humans and animals.

Addictions Counsellor

An Addictions Counsellor provides therapy and support for those people with addictions like: Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Sex etc. If you have a caring nature and want to help people, maybe this career would suit you.

Administration Officer

An Administration Officer is responsible for various administrative duties including the setting up and running of administrative systems, typing of letters and reports and arranging meetings. These are just a few of the functions involved.

Advertising Manager

Advertising Managers plan and direct all areas of the advertising arena. It’s the job of the Advertising Manager to plan and prepare advertising and promotional material to increase sales of products or services. They work with customers, company officials, sales departments and advertising agencies.


Advocates conduct civil and criminal cases in courts of law. The advocate makes sure that all the evidence in favour of the client is put before the magistrate or judge and cross-examines the opposing party in court.

Aerobics Instructor

Is keeping fit and helping others to get fit your passion? Do you have a flair for dance and fitness, then becoming an Aerobics Instructor could be just the job you are looking for. The job of an Aerobics Instructor is to design aerobic fitness training programmes for private clients as well as for classes. They must have a passion for fitness and be people orientated.


Aerodynamics is the study of air motion, particularly when it interacts with a solid object. Aerodynamists usually work in the design department of aeroplanes, spacecraft, vehicles including racing cars, ships and sailing vessels. They can even assist urban planners.

Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most challenging and exciting fields of engineering where you work with the latest technology. Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineers are mechanical engineers who work to develop new technology for aviation, space exploration and airborne defence systems.

Aeronautical Engineering Technician

An Aeronautical Engineer Technician or Operations Technician usually assist or work alongside an aeronautical engineer. Their main job is to help in the development of new aircraft and space vehicles. They help design, build, test and maintain parts for air and spacecraft.

Aeronautical Engineering Technologist

Aeronautical Engineering Technologists assist Aeronautical Engineers. They work with the design and construction of aircraft. They are in charge of analysing and modifying existing or new aeronautical technologies and/or systems.

Aeroplane Pilot

Take to the open skies as an Aeroplane Pilot. Soar above the earth transporting passengers or cargo from one place to another. Protect our borders in a fighter jet or help farmers spray crops for disease and insects. As an Aeroplane Pilot there are so many different choices you can make.

Aerospace Operations Technician

Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering which studies design, construction and the science of aircraft and spacecraft. If you have a love of aeroplanes together with a passion for mechanics or design, this would be good career choice for you.

Agricultural Advisor

If working in the agricultural arena is your passion then becoming an Agricultural Advisor could be just what you are looking for. The Agricultural Advisor develops a strong connection with the agricultural sector in a specific region and determines its farming needs and progress.

Agricultural Economist

An Agricultural Economist analyses economic and social phenomena in the world and its impact on agriculture. An Agricultural Economist should have mathematical skills, be intuitive and have excellent communication skills.

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineering is concerned with the environment and our natural resources. Agricultural Engineers use their engineering and biological science knowledge to solve agricultural problems.

Agricultural Food Scientist

Does a career in solving problems in the production of the nation’s food supply interest you. Agricultural Scientists’ job is to study the commercial farming of plants and animals as well as the cultivation techniques to improve the quality, productivity and sustainability of farms.

Agricultural Inspector

Agricultural Inspectors make sure that all agricultural products are of a high quality. There are 3 main fields in which the Agricultural inspector can specialise: Plant and Quality Control, Meat Inspection and Animal Health.

Agricultural Journalist

An Agricultural Journalist’s job is to cover events, write articles of interest and stories which are relevant to farmers and others in their area. They gather news by observing, interviewing and researching relevant topics/events.

Agricultural Manager

Agricultural Manager’s job is to guide and assist farmers in maximizing the financial returns to their land by managing the day-to-day activities. Their duties and responsibilities vary widely.

Agricultural Pilot

An Agricultural Pilot’s job is to fly small aircraft filled with chemicals or fertiliser which is sprayed over the farm lands. If you have a passion for flying and big, open spaces, then this career might be what you’re looking for!

Agricultural Technician

The job of an Agricultural Technician – to be responsible for assisting and advising farmers, agricultural businesses, rural industries and government regarding production, processing and distribution of farm products.

Agriculturalist – Extension Officer

Do you have a love of nature and the outdoor life and are you able to communicate effectively? A career as an Agricultural Extension Officer might interest you. Agricultural Extension Officers are involved with the distribution of agricultural information to rural towns, who in turn, teach rural farmers to become better farmers.


An Agronomist’s job is to investigate field crop problems and develop new and improved growing methods for higher yields or better quality. This includes crops such as corn, maize, grain sorghum, peanuts, sunflower, cotton, sugar-cane, potatoes and forage.

Air Brush Artist

Air-Brush Artists use the air-brush tool to create original artworks or do restoration.

Air Cargo Agent

Air Cargo Agents co-ordinate the shipment of freight. They also keep track of delays in departure to make sure that cargo reaches its destination according to plan and on time.

Air Defence Artillery Soldier

An Air Defence Artillery Soldier works in the SA defence force. They use specialised tactics and techniques during military and peace operations.

Air Observer

An Air Observer takes photographs from aircraft that can be analysed for military information purposes.

Air Operations Officer

An Air Operations Officer plans and co-ordinates air operations in the airforce. These include flight safety, flight plans and communications between the different sectors.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Air Traffic Controllers maintain the safe orderly and efficient flow of air traffic. They monitor the movement of aircraft along major air routes and around airports by giving pilots instructions and advice as to height, speed and course.

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic

Industrial Refrigeration Mechanics install, repair and maintain the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment used in a wide range of areas, for example: large computer rooms, hospitals, supermarkets, large corporation offices, humidors (places where they keep cigars) etc.

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic

Industrial Refrigeration Mechanics install, repair and maintain the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment used in a wide range of areas, for example: large computer rooms, hospitals, supermarkets, large corporation offices, humidors (places where they keep cigars) etc.

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic install, repair and maintain the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment used in a wide range of areas, for example: large computer rooms, hospitals, supermarkets, large corporation offices, humidors (places where they keep cigars) etc.

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic install, repair and maintain the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment used in a wide range of areas, for example: large computer rooms, hospitals, supermarkets, large corporation offices, humidors (places where they keep cigars) etc.

Aircraft Assembler

The job of an Aircraft Assembler will depend on what they trade they study. Most Aircraft Technicians have a mechanical or structures qualification.

Aircraft Baggage Handler

The job of an Aircraft Baggage Handler is to load and unload luggage and cargo off coming and going aircraft. They usually work at airports and sometimes are required to help the maintenance or ground crew, when necessary.

Aircraft Composite Structures Worker

Aircraft Composite Structures Workers are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Composite Structures Worker is to make sure aircraft are in good shape structurally. They are responsible for the physical parts, not the mechanical parts.

Aircraft Electrician

Aircraft Electricians are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Electrician is to inspect, trouble-fault, repair and maintain all the complex electrical systems on an aircraft.

Aircraft Electroplater

The job of an Aircraft Electroplater is to use an electro-chemical process to plate aircraft parts to protect them from corrosion. They may also reconstruct worn parts to their original dimensions and standards.

Aircraft Instrument Mechanic

Aircraft Instrument Mechanics are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Instrument Mechanic is to inspect, install, trouble-shoot, repair and maintain all the avionics equipment.

Aircraft Loader

Aircraft Loaders pack, load and unload aircraft and transfer freight and baggage between airport buildings and aircraft. They also assist passengers to and from aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

What is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer? An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is also known as an AME. They are responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft and to make sure that it’s air-worthy.

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

Are you safety conscious? Aircraft Maintenance Mechanics help to maintain aircraft. They replace and repair all the mechanical components of all types of aircraft. They also perform routine inspections, and check all the systems.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanics are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Mechanic is to keep planes operating safely and efficiently. People’s lives are at stake which makes this job extremely important. Aircraft Mechanics regularly service aircraft, overhaul engines and parts and test the every-day smooth running of the aeroplanes.

Aircraft Painter

Aircraft Painters are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Painter is to maintain the coatings on the aircraft. The Aircraft Painter will have to be trained in safety, colour blending and painting techniques. Their work is physical, so an Aircraft Painter should be relatively fit.

Aircraft Radiotrician

Aircraft Radiotricians are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Radiotrician is to carry out the maintenance of all communication systems on the aircraft.

Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker

Aircraft Sheetmetal Workers are in demand! Aircraft Sheet Metalworkers manufacture sheet metal components from which aircraft are assembled. They mark off and cut sheet metal according to engineering drawings.

Aircraft Sheetmetal Worker

Aircraft Sheetmetal Workers are in demand! Aircraft Sheet Metalworkers manufacture sheet metal components from which aircraft are assembled. They mark off and cut sheet metal according to engineering drawings.

Aircraft Trimmer

Aircraft Trimmers are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Trimmer is to maintain the interior of aircrafts and cabins. They need to maintain a high quality of service and stick to strict safety guidelines.

Aircraft Welder

Aircraft Welders are in demand! Aircraft Welders work on aeroplanes and other kinds of aircraft like helicopters and spacecraft etc. Their job is to weld and repair aircraft components.

Airline Station Manager

The job of an Airline Station Manager is to manage all flight & ground operations at an airport. Depending on the size of the airport the Airline Station Manager might even sell tickets and help with baggage etc.

Airport Fire Fighter

Airport Fire Fighters are specialised fire fighters. Their main job is to make sure crew and passengers are evacuated and safe during and after an an airport ground emergency.

Airport Planner

An Airport Planner’s job has many responsibilities. They are in charge of all airport facilities including the following: the design, improvements, maintenance and expansions to buildings, runways, taxi and bus terminals, roads, cargo terminals, fueling areas, hangers etc.

All Careers in SA Navy

There are lots of different careers paths in the Navy. For example: Combat Officers, Engine Room Attendants, Divers, Fire Fighters, People with skills in Hospitality, Logistics, Communications, PR, HR and lots more. You’ll be surprised what the Navy needs and hires. They even need people to play in the Navy Band.

Ambulance Worker

Do you want to help people who may be injured or sick? Do you like the adrenaline rush of emergencies, but can keep a cool head? Then being an Ambulance Worker may be for you.

Amusement Centre Manager

Amusement Centre Managers perform a variety of duties at amusement or recreation facilities to make sure the centre runs smoothly.

Anaesthetic Technician

An Anaesthetic Technician is a health care professional. They assist Anaesthetists, nurses and surgeons during an operation. The Anaesthetic Technician prepares all the equipment and supplies that the Anaesthetist will need to sedate and monitor the patient during the operation.


An Anaesthetist is a medical doctor who then specialises in anaesthesiology, intensive care medicine and pain management. They give local and general anaesthetics to people before, during and after they undergo a medical procedure, such as surgery.

Analyst Programmer

If IT (information technology) is a passion and you are an analytical thinker then becoming an Analyst Programmer is a career to consider.
Having the ability to process problems for application to electronic data processing systems is just a part of this job.

Animal Behaviourist

Do you have a passion for companion animals as well as excellent human communication skills. Your great love of animals will help you should you wish to be an Animal Behaviourist. Ethology is the scientific study of animal behaviour – a branch of zoology. It is a mix of laboratory and field work.

Animal Breeder

An Animal Breeder is someone, like a dog or cat breeder, who is breeding small animals for sale as pets. An Animal Breeder can also be an Animal Scientist. They study clever ways to farm livestock (eg cows, pigs, chickens etc) and animal-based products we eat.

Animal Care Attendant

Are you passionate about animals? If you said YES, have you considered becoming an Animal Care Attendant? An Animal Attendant will make and provide food, give water and take general care of animals.

Animal Health Technician

Animal Health Technicians are interested in all technical areas of animal health care. They work together with and help veterinarians, scientists and science students. So, if you have a passion for animals and animal care – then this might be the job you’re looking for!

Animal Nutritionist

An Animal Nutritionist is a person who specializes in the dietary needs of agricultural animals, zoo animals, and pets. Their job sites include farms, laboratories, classrooms and commercial-based marketing for foods.

Animal Production Manager

Are you able to work alone or as part of a team and do you have a love of animals and the outdoors? The job of an Animal Production Manager is to co-ordinate and manage the day to day tasks in animal production on a farm. This might be the career you’re looking for!

Animal Scientist

Animal Science is the ‘study of the biology of animals’. All animals can be studied. For example: farm animals, exotic animals, wild animals or animals bred for pets. An Animal Scientist will experiment and study information about breeding, animal behaviour, production, diets, business and animal care.

Animal Trainer

If you have a love of animals and believe you have the ability to train them to do tricks or obey commands then becoming an Animal Trainer might be the career for you. Animal Trainers use different techniques to train animals for riding, security, performance, obedience, or assisting people with disabilities.


Anthropologists examine, analyze, report on and compare different cultures and how they grow, develop, and interact. How people live offers insights into modern life and how significantly (or, more often, how little) we have changed and how similar we are in our basic systems of interaction.

Antique Dealer

Antique Dealers buy, clean, restore, value and sell old objects such as furniture, art, jewellery and china etc. They can work for an antique company, an auction house, a store, or on an independent basis.

Appraiser (Real Estate)

The job of a Valuer / Appraiser is a responsible one. They establish the monetary worth of a property so that Estate Agents can assist buyers and sellersto get the best deal.


Aquaculturists are ‘marine farmers’ who specialists in either fresh or sea water animals and plants. They specialise in raising and breeding aquatic animals such as shrimp, fish, oysters, perlemoen, etc, in a controlled environment.


Arboriculturists work in the horticultural field and in particular the study of trees. An arboriculturist cultivates and manages trees, hedgerows and shrubs and also provides information and advice on specific tree-related issues.


Archaeologists are anthropologist that explore and study ancient human remains, artefacts, architectural features and structures from excavations and underwater recovery processes, in order to reconstruct the record of past human life and culture.


Architects work in the construction industry designing new buildings and the spaces around them. They work closely with users, clients and officials to make sure that projected designs match the needs of these groups.

Architectural Draughter

Architectural Draughters are like architect assistants. The job of an Architectural Draughter is to prepare detailed drawings of architectural designs and plans for buildings and structures according to specifications provided by an architect.

Architectural Metal Worker

An Architectural Metal Worker makes steel doors, metal patterns, fixtures, templates and railings for architectural purposes.

Architectural Metalworker

An Architectural Metal Worker makes steel doors, metal patterns, fixtures, templates and railings for architectural purposes.

Architectural Model Builder

Architectural Model Builder’s job is to make models of buildings to scale using architectural drawings. The scale models are precise so that the architects and clients can get a better idea of how the building will look once complete. They can see how much sunlight will come through the windows and whether or not the building fits in with its surroundings.

Architectural Technologist

The job of an Architectural Technologist is similar to that of an Architect, except that they are not as involved in the design of the building. Based on the architect’s vision, an Architectural Technologist’s job is to make sure that a building is functional and meets the legal building regulations and requirements.


Archivists plan and organise records in such a way that they can easily be retrieved for research as well as for other purposes such as long-term safekeeping and protection.

Armament Fitter

An Armament Fitter / Weapon Systems Mechanic is responsible for inspecting, servicing and repairing all the weaponry and weaponry equipment in each unit of the force.

Armature Winder

The coil is a vital part of any electrical machine; if it breaks the motor will not work.
It is the job of the Armature Winder to locate the broken parts, remove them and either replace them with new ones or completely rewind all the coils.


Aromatherapy is a branch of holistic medicine. Aromatherapists use plant extracts and essential oils to treat conditions such as stress and skin disorders through massage. The physical properties of the oils is vital and the Aromatherapist is well-schooled in which aromatic oils are necessary for each particular treatment.

Art Critic

An Art Critic’s job is to give their opinion and technical analysis of art works (drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics, collages, prints etc etc).

Art Director

Art Director’s job is to oversee the artistic design of advertisements and print materials, as well as the filming of television commercials. They are the decision makers who are responsible for the quality of the finished product.

Art Historian

An Art Historian loves and studies art. They are interested in the different historical aspects of the artworks. This includes: the artistic movements to which they belong and the social and political times when during which they were made in. An Art Historian has a broad knowledge of art, or they specialise in one art movement or style.

Art Teacher

Art Teachers teach children from kindergarten through to high school. The job of an Art Teacher is to help children learn to like different types of visual communication and help learners create their own art through drawing, painting, ceramics and design.

Artificial Intelligence Programmer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmers create computer systems that enable computers to do things that actually require a human mind – e.g. a computer playing chess against a human being.


Art occupations are usually divided into two categories:
Fine Art and Graphic Design.

See under Fine Artist or Graphic Designer for more in depth information.

Artist – Mosaic

A Mosaic Artist is very creative. A Mosaic Artist creates colourful images and pieces of art from small or broken pieces of glass, stones, tiles, ceramics, metal, mirrors and beads etc.

Assembly Line Worker

An Assembly Line is usually found in a factory. This ‘line’ is a manufacturing procedure in which individuals (Assembly Line Workers) add one interchangeable part (or set of tasks) to the whole in a specific order for production efficiency.