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How to create my cv?

 Here are the instructions      * Have all your Personal, Educational and Employment information available.      * Log into Career Planet and go to My Home (upper right hand corner)      * Click.      * Scroll down. On the middle right you will see an option to Update your Profile      * Click      * You

I completed my BA Psychology degree. Unfortunately my marks for 3 level were just under the 60% I needed to be able to apply for Honours. Please could you let me know how I go about getting accepted into honours or where I go from here.

It must be very disappointing. Unfortunately there is a great demand for places in an Honours Psychology class, no matter which university you apply to. It is an academic course so you can understand universities want to know that you are going to cope with the requirements. In addition, most Psychology Honours students go onto Masters and so that academic ability is critical.

I want to be a Pilot

Aeroplane, Pilot, planes, aeroplanes, helicopters, Fighter Pilot, Bush Pilot, Aerial Spraying Contractor, Aerial Topdressing Contractor, Military Transport Pilot, Helicopter Pilot
Attack Helicopter Pilot, student pilot, Private Pilot Commercial Pilot,

I want to be an Engineer

This is an overview of Engineering as a profession and where career seekers can find resources on our website

My matric Maths and Physical Science and marks are not enough to do the degree I want to. Can I rewrite these?

Yes you can rewrite them as long as you register at your school or Provincial Department of Education. It is important to register for supplementary exams soon as you can, as there is a deadline, usually in the third week of January. There is only one opportunity to rewrite during the year. Please note that there are conditions (usually for example, you can rewrite only two subjects) and other requirements and you should find out what they are.

What are faculties?

I heard my teacher talk about the faculty of Humanities. What are faculties and what are humanities?

What is a Learnership?

Learnerships are a way to provide people with work experience as well as recognised qualifications. So while you are working you are gaining skills and experience, which are tested and registered as a qualification.

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a way for someone who has knowledge and skills, which have been got through experience, to gain credits towards a qualification.