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Do you fit the profile of an entrepreneur?

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‘Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.’  – Niccolo Machiavelli

To make it in business, you don’t need to be an intellectual. Anyone can learn the business skills, but it’s vital to be strong, emotionally and psychologically.

Enthusiasm, determination, a desire to be independent, to call the shots, so to speak, must be part of your make-up. It is also important to have a spouse, family, friends and other support groups who believe in your vision, and who you can depend on when times get tough.

Before you commit to a life of entrepreneurship, ask if you honestly agree with the following statements. Your answers will reveal possible weaknesses in your business mindset.

The top 15 keys for business success!  Do you . . .

01.  Have self-belief: I believe in myself, my product and service

02.  Have relevant experience: I am experienced in my chosen field

03.  Push through: I am self-motivated and can handle tasks I don’t particularly enjoy

04.  Have organisational skills: I am organised and can set priorities to maximise my efficiency

05.  Have realistic goals: I set realistic goals and work to achieve them

06.  Work wisely: I work smart to preserve my health

07.  Take responsibility: I take responsibility for my actions and fix mistakes easily and quickly

08.  Have determination: I continue working toward long-term goals despite inevitable setbacks

09.  A positive attitude: I can see the potential in a situation and work to achieve it

10.  Handle stress well: I am optimistic and handle stressful situations with a positive attitude

11.  Have communication skills: I express ideas and feelings logically, both orally and in writing

12.  Work hard: I tackle work with enthusiasm and a high energy level

13.  Have a support structure: My family and friends support my decision to start a business

14.  Focus: Once committed, I stay focused on my primary goals

15.  Self-motivation: I can work alone for long periods of time.

Compiled from sources including the Sanlam start-up guide


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