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Q I have been job-hunting for a long time with no success and feel depressed.

A: Here are some ideas to keep your spirits up

  • Think of job hunting as being your job. It is a job because you are employed by yourself! J. Start at 9 every morning as though you were at work and end at 5 in the afternoon. That action alone will make you feel better.
  • Create a daily and weekly and monthly schedule of things to do.
  • There is nothing more positive than identifying all your Transferable skills. You will find that this task can give you an appreciation of your many skills.

  • Create a job-hunter’s club. Find others in the same situation and meet once or twice a week to share the load. But make it a rule that you have to be positive!
  • Remember that libraries are places where you can get free time on a computer online to search.
  • Volunteer at a place that needs you. You will have something to do and gain new skills. Who knows, it may turn into a job.
  • Remember jobs are got via people. Make sure you are constantly letting new people know you are looking.
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