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Maths or Maths Literacy in Grade 10?

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Q: Maths or Maths Literacy in Grade 10?

A: One of the first major career decisions that learners face is selecting the subjects that you want to continue with, after Grade 9.

Generally you need to make the decision by a deadline that is usually between August and October of your Grade 9 year.

One of the compulsory subjects required by the NSC (National Senior Certificate) is either Maths or Maths Literacy, meaning that you need to make a choice between the two.

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7 Tips to help you to decide between Core Mathematics and Mathematics Literacy:

  1. Start early

Give yourself lots of time to research and make the right decision by starting now!

  1. Take accountability

Your parents and school career counsellor or Life Orientation teacher are happy to help and support you with your decision but it is a decision.

  1. Research how Core Mathematics and Mathematics Literacy will mean for career options. Whether you decide to take Maths or Maths Literacy has an impact on the degrees or diplomas that you are able to study after school.

For more information read the following articles:

Research the subject requirements for at least 3 degrees or diplomas that interest you, at three different universities or tertiary institutions.

  1. Start brain-storming career options

Very few people know exactly what they want to do after school, when they are in Grade 9. Don’t stress if you have no idea what you want do study or what field you want to work in. However, every little bit of research you do will help you to gain a clearer idea of the type of career that appeals to you and those that don’t.

This article on career planning will be helpful:

  1. Look at your exam marks

In order to be accepted to study a degree or diploma, tertiary institutions require you to achieve certain grades. These can be very high, depending on what you decide to study. Take a look at your Maths marks over the past two years and think about the following:

  1. Based on my marks, would I say that Maths is one of my strengths?
  2. Have I performed consistently in my Maths marks each year?
  3. Do I find Maths interesting?
  4. Are my Maths marks a true reflection of my ability? If not, what can I do about it?
  5. Get extra help

Most learners find Maths difficult and the content gets harder from Grade 10 onwards. If you are struggling with Maths, it is advisable to invest some extra time into the subject– spending as little as fifteen extra minutes a day would be a great start. Using a tutor might help as well.

  1. Get the advice of your maths teacher

Ask his or her advice regarding whether you should take Maths or Maths literacy, based on your abilities, and find out the reason why.

Good luck!


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