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The One Minute Motivator

Two lumberjacks were given axes and told to go into the woods to cut down trees. The first lumberjack found a tree and immediately started chopping. He chopped all day without stopping.

The second lumberjack also did his share of chopping, but at various points during the day, he would stop, walk away, and then come back a few minutes later. Meanwhile, the first lumberjack just kept chopping away.

At the end of the day, the second lumberjack had cut far more wood than the first. The first was much more tired than the second. What happened?

The second lumberjack who took breaks went to sharpen his axe.

The point is that both men were given the same tool, but the only one took the time to learn how to use it properly. The simple message of this story is, work smarter, not harder.

We all get similar tools. We have similar rules. We possess the same amount of time each day to achieve our goals. Some of us learn how to use our tools and time better than others.

What makes one person better than another? It’s not the playbook that’s important, it’s the execution.

What will give you the success you need? Is your execution of the tools that you have got any better? Your ability to carry out the “execution” of the plan can make you better than your competition. It can give you the success you need.

Article by John Lloyd, Brandstorm




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