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Which DEGREES can I do with Maths Literacy?

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Answer: Although various institutions have different requirements, we have chosen the University of Johannesburg (UJ) to show you what degrees they offer with Maths Literacy. Usually, the mark required in Maths Literacy is fairly high: 60-70%.

Below are the 2019 options. If you intend going to university in 2020, look out for the Open Days (often around April and May) and for the online prospectuses of UJ and other universities to see what Degree options they offer.

NOTE: Any Science, Engineering, Technical Degrees and most Medical Degrees require Pure Mathematics plus Physical Science

Extended degrees take 4 years instead of 3 years.

* BA DEGREE: (Extended)

* ART:  BA: Communication Design, Digital Media Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Visual Art.

* ECONOMICS:  (Extended).  Accounting, Business Management, Economics & Econometrics, Finance

* MANAGEMENT: B Com (Extended) BCom Information (Extended)

Management, Human Resource Management, Public Management & Governance, Tourism Development, Information Management. Bachelor of Commerce (Extended)

* HEALTH: Biokinetics, Diagonostic Radiography, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy. (NOTE: Must have either Physical Sciences or Life Sciences.)  BA in Sport Psychology, Sport Communication,  Sport Development or Sport Management.

* EDUCATION: Primary School: BEd Degree (Foundation Phase) (4 years), Intermediate Phase, (Grade 4-7, BEd Degree in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training (Grade 8-12) – Language education (Afrikaans, or English or Isizulu (must be your home language) Sepedi (must be your home language)

* LAW:  BA Law, LLB.

* HUMANITIES: Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Arts (3 years) Communication & Languages, School subject areas, Social Sciences, Community Development & Leadership, Development Studies, Film & Television Studies, Journalism, Language Practice, Politics & International Relations, Psychology, Strategic Communications in Corporate or Marketing


* You need more than just one subject to qualify, so please check the requirements for each course you are interested in, at the university of your choice.


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