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A Skill Set is a group of things you can do … and do well.  Your skill set is specific to you and will benefit you in your career.

Your Skill Set can include some of the following:

  • Good Matric Results:

These can lead to a certification, diploma or a degree.

  • Hands-on Part-Time Experience:
  1. Part-time work at a fast food shop will show that you work well with the public
  2. Part-time work in a call centre will show you have good communication and phone skills
  3. Housekeeping will show organisational skills
  4. Waitressing will show that you can work well with people and under pressure
  5. You can develop your skills by volunteering in your community.  While helping others, you will also be helping yourself.

For example:

  1. Planting trees or vegetables with an NGO will help you get gardening and organisational skills.
  2. Volunteering at the SPCA or at a veterinary clinic will give you experience and skills related to working with animals.  Compassion and caregiving might be useful skills to learn if you are considering a career in nursing or childcare.
  3. Volunteering in a local soup kitchen might teach you kitchen skills which will be good if you are considering a job as a chef or caterer.
  4. Volunteering as a fire-fighter will teach you to work under pressure and under extreme conditions. Fire-fighting will definitely teach you to work well in a team.

Other Ways to Get Skills:

If you have left school before completing matric, there are other ways of gathering skills.  Look for opportunities on every corner.  Certain NGO’s and businesses in your area will offer work experience, while other companies will take you on and teach you a trade e.g. Machine Minder in a print factory, or a Shelf Packer in a big shop.  If you work hard, the company might see your potential and send you for training.  This is how you gain skills and work yourself up the corporate ladder.

Continue to Learn:

Education is a life-long path of discovery.  Short courses you might consider, to give yourself more skills for your Skill Set, include the following:-

  1. First Aid Course (there are day and weeklong courses)
  2. Skill yourself up on computers like Microsoft Word, Excel and other programs (there are many opportunities to do morning or evening classes)
  3. Speed typing and short-hand courses(some institutions will offer part-time courses)
  4. Get a driver’s license.  Having a driver’s license can be very helpful.  It will be an added skill that other job seekers might not have.  Small companies like employees to do a little of everything.

Whether you use any of these skills in your job or not, including them in your Skill Set shows that you are keen to learn. It also shows you are well rounded, self-motivated and a person who works well with others.

It is never too early or too late to learn.  You should continue to teach yourself new skills.  Skills will further your career.


5 Important things to remember which will help you step ahead from the bunch:

  1. Good results
    2.   A varied Skill Set
    3.   Positive attitude
    4.   A desire to work hard
    5.   Motivated to learn

Keep asking questions – Keep researching – Keep learning – Keep being positive!

Good things will come to those who persevere!




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