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Career Planet prepares you for the world of work from as early as grade 9 - through to a successful and fulfilling career.

We help you to:

  • Choose school subjects to give you the widest range of training and career choice options 
  • Discover growth industries and careers in demand 
  • Create a professional online CV that connects  you directly with training opportunities, employers and recruiters
  • Align your personal strengths, skills, and passions with the best career options

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NEW: Industry Access  focus series

Welcome to Career Planet's new industry access focus series. This series highlights growth industries that offer employment opportunities with relatively low barriers to entry.

Part 1: BPO Careers
Find out what it's like to work in the BPO sector. This feature includes career path information, job descriptions, success stories, training options, job opportunities, great companies to work for, FAQ's, and more.  Click here for more...


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Career Planet is a registered PBO (No. 930025803) that has been helping young people with career advice and access to training and opportunities since 2008.  Our operations are funded through a combination of donations and sponsorships that offer a return on investment.

NPO number: 129-906
PBO number: 930025803