Private Colleges


TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.  TVET Colleges educate and train students to work in technical or vocational fields.

Courses are from from a few months to three years and students generally receive a certificate at the end of a three-year course.The focus of TVET colleges is to provide students with academic knowledge as well as practical experience to enter the workforce as quickly and as well-equipped as possible.

  • Some courses can lead to a Diploma with practical work within the workplace.
  • Students who have completed their studies may (in some cases) be able to continue their studies at a University of Technology.
  • Some TVET colleges also offer degrees.
  • Private colleges are NOT eligible for NSFAS funding

NOTE: Not ALL Private colleges are registered and not ALL their courses are accredited. Check this list to see whether the college or course is on it. Register of Private Colleges 28 May 2019 (1)

Click here for a list of private TVET colleges