Industry access focus series

Welcome to Career Planets new industry access focus series. This series highlights growth industries that offer employment opportunities with relatively low barriers to entry.

Part 1: BPO Careers

The first in our series is the fast-growing BPO/M (Business Process Outsourcing/Management) sector. Here you will find career paths, job descriptions, success stories, training options & opportunities, FAQ’s, and great companies to work for in BPO.

Be found by online recruiters on Career Planet!

While a printed or pdf CV is useful, it has limitations when you are looking for a job online. Recruiters don’t have time to download and read through thousands of printed CV’s when they are looking for candidates. That is why it’s important to have a CV that is searchable online by recruiters. Career Planet offers you the opportunity to create your own searchable online CV.

Be spotted by recruiters and apply for jobs and other opportunities, by creating your own free online, searchable CV here on Career Planet.

Benefits of a searchable online CV

  • Recruiters can find YOU
  • Easy to update
  • No printing costs
  • No scanning costs (you can use a phone camera to take and upload, pics of important documents.
    • Take pics in a well-lit area
    • Keep docs flat and don’t include fingers in your pic 🙂
    • Avoid large image sizes to save on data costs when uploading

Tips to remember with online CVs:

  • Fill in as much information as possible
  • Introduce yourself by including a short description of yourself, your skills and your career goals.

What recruiters look for:

  • Location (where you live)
  • Age and gender
  • Education and qualifications
  • Experience (even volunteering)
  • A few words about yourself that show the recruiter that you are serious about wanting a job.

Mistakes that could cost you a job interview opportunity:

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes (ask a friend or teacher to check your online CV for errors)
  • Mistakes in your contact details (email address or phone number)

HOT tips if you include a phone number on your CV:

  • Choose a neural ring tone rather than loud music
  • Answer all calls politely and professionally – you never know which caller could be the one to invite you for an interview!
  • Find a quiet place to take calls
  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • Take notes
  • If you have a recorded greeting message, make sure that it is polite and professional.