Diversity @ Work

“South Africa remains one of the most unequal countries in the world, and the occurrence of discrimination in the workplace remains considerably high, emphasising that the enactment of legislation and policies alone is not enough to prevent and eliminate discrimination in practice”. – The South African Human Rights Commission

South Africa, our time is NOW. We can all implement positive change.                                                                  Let’s be the solution!

“South Africa, like most countries, needs every skilled worker to contribute towards the prosperity of the country. Persons with disabilities have an important role to play to make a positive contribution in the workplace. It is generally found that a person with a disability develops into a well-adjusted, productive worker in an atmosphere of acceptance, co-operation and goodwill. Far more people with disabilities should be given the opportunity to enter the workforce. Disability is a human rights and development issue, meaning that people with disabilities should enjoy equal rights and responsibilities to other people.” – IPDM