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Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are still the dominated by men. By a long way. In South Africa, only 7% of young women choose to pursue a STEM career. And yet, there is a massive demand for qualified candidates across every industry. It’s called the 4th Industrial Revolution. And it does not discriminate.

So with the massive demand for skills in STEM careers, why are so few women missing out on these prime employment opportunities?

We can blame the bias of previous generations for that. After all, boys became doctors, girls became nurses. Boys become engineers and scientists, girls married them. As sad as it seems today, this cultural nonsense has framed our current reality in many ways – and therein lies the opportunity!

Eight out of the top 10 scarce skills occupations in SA right now are STEM-related (Source: Department of Higher Education and Training) And, you are more likely to grow in a STEM career because the sector is expanding so fast and is not about to slow down anytime soon.

By 2020, almost 80% of all jobs will require STEM skills according to a recent STEM report.

But best of all girls, a recent study from Columbia University shows that: Women are better learners, better communicators and better at handling interview stress! So the jobs yours if you want it!



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