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A lot of the things we hear about women at work focuses on the challenges women face. And yes, those challenges do exist. But today, there are more women excelling in traditionally male roles and environments than ever. Women with passion and determination. With staying power and empathy. With strength and vision.

Research tells us that women are star performers in any company, in any role!

Women are excellent learners

Girls have traditionally performed better in the school environment than boys.  A Columbia University study reveals that girls possess traits that go beyond what we call “intelligence. Girls become better learners because of their attitude towards the act of learning.                                                                                                                                               And what does this mean? Girls and women show higher levels of learning eagerness, task persistence, learning independence, work organization, flexibility and engagement with the topics learned. Put simply, women understand the task at hand faster, and with more clarity.

Women communicate well

Studies show that emotional intelligence, empathy and proved communication skills are key to a successful business. And yes, women are way ahead on each of these traits. Which not only makes them better employees, but better managers!

Being better listeners than men, women can, and do, change the game when it comes to managing customers, co-workers, and bosses. Today, many companies recognize the strength of women in departments such as customer service, sales, negotiations, PR, inter-department relationships and business pitches.

As a bonus, these same emotional skills also give women the edge during the hiring process. A study published by the University of Western Ontario found that women are better at handling interview stress. And that is a good predictor for more efficient workplace stress management.

 Women are deeply engaged as employees and leaders

Studies have recently revealed that the same communication and emotional intelligence skills make women promoters of workplace engagement. Women encourage the professional and personal development of their co-workers and even their bosses. Subsequently, women’s higher engagement levels often lead to higher performing teams.

Polls have shown that female employees working for a female manager are the most engaged workers of all workforce groups. Women are more patient, better motivators, show stronger business ethics and are better community builders.

There is much to celebrate as women assert themselves with passion, determination, strength, and vision in the workplace. Challenges will always be there – but women are facing them back.




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