Spotlight sector: Marine, Oil & Gas

We live in an energy-hungry world where the demand for importing and exporting of goods and services are increasing rapidly.  This drives an increase in the demand for skilled workers and professionals at all levels.  

Careers in Ship Repair, Ship Building, Oil and Gas exploration and the Marine industry, both on land and offshore, are varied and exciting.  The pool of skills needed in these sectors is increasing, as globalisation continues to ‘shrink’ the world. 

About the industry

Africa’s economies are some of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Oil and Gas is a key sector for the development of economies, and South Africa is focussing on developing the skills that are going to be needed as the industry grows.

While oil and gas activity will initially focus on exploration, other areas of the value chain will develop and play a greater importance as the industry matures. These include logistics, refining, and wholesale and retail consumption as domestic markets for oil and gas products develops.

Recently, the successful exploration in Sub-Saharan Africa has resulted in increased activity in oil and gas in the region, and South Africa is well placed to serve as a permanent hub providing services and expertise for oil and gas in Africa.

South Africa has become a key location for many local, regional and multinational oil and gas companies active in the oil & gas value chain.

Engineering and artisan skills will be in even greater demand as the industry matures.

A qualification in either of these areas provides a firm base for a career in oil and gas.

Already particular expertise is needed in subsectors of the industry. These include: Fabrication and Construction; Ship/Rig Repair and Maintenance; Distribution and Logistics; and Exploration and Production Services.