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So you’ve almost made it to the end of your interview. You’re getting on well with the interviewer, are happy with the interview questions and you’ve given and think you’ve made a good impression. Then the interviewer asks, “Have you got any questions?”

This is usually one of the final hurdles that an interviewee faces and it is also one that many struggle with. Your answer to this question should never be ‘no’. Why? Because that may suggest to the interviewer that you aren’t really interested in the opportunity and that you haven’t prepared well for your interview.

However, this isn’t just another hurdle for you, it is also an opportunity. Now is your chance to find out more about the company and the role and to assess whether they are the right fit for you!

If you want to be successful at interview you should always prepare some questions to ask at an interview in advance. But what should you ask your interviewer?

7 fantastic questions to ask at an interview

1. What is the company culture like?

This may have already cropped up earlier in the interview, but if not it’s a great question to ask. Company culture should be more important to you than the salary and benefits on offer. Remember, you’re going to be spending so many hours at work and you want to enjoy it as much as possible. If the company culture and values aren’t in line with what you’re looking for and your personality, maybe this isn’t the right opportunity for you.

2. What’s the company’s medium to long-term strategy?

Many interviewers will ask you where you see yourself in 5 years’ times, so why not ask them? You’ll want to know what the company’s future looks like and whether it is somewhere you want to be.

3. What training and development do you offer?

Being able to learn new skills and develop your current ones is extremely important, especially earlier on in your career. If the interviewer can’t give you much of an answer, this position may not be the right one for you.

4. What are my main job responsibilities?

You need to show your interviewer that you’re really interested in the role. If job responsibilities haven’t been clarified, ask about them! You may also want to find out more about how they see the role developing and you progressing.

5. What do you think will be the biggest challenges in my role?

Again, this is a great question to demonstrate your interest and it may reveal more about the company culture to you. If the company bosses are happy to discuss challenges and their potential pitfalls, then you will know that they an open and honest company culture.

6. What are the next steps?

This question shows that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity and want to keep the ball rolling. It also suggests that you are proactive which is a quality that many employers value.

7. Where do you see my career heading?

The best employers will always have a plan in place for where they want their employees to progress. This question may put them on the spot, but they should be able to give you some insight into how your career can progress with the company. You don’t want to head into a dead-end job that will take your career nowhere.

Additional Advice

While you should always expect to be asked and prepare some questions to ask your interviewer, don’t ask things that have already been covered during the interview! If you do, the interviewer will feel that you weren’t listening and this doesn’t make a good impression.

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