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Q: How do I answer a job advertisement?

A: Here are some pointers:

  1. Slow down and take the time to do it properly.
  2. Have the right mindset: your response needs to meet the needs of the employer, not your own. Don’t waste time talking about what you want or need.
  3. Make a note of every single word and phrase in the ad.
  4. Try to assess what the important parts are: you need to meet those requirements 100%. Do not apply when you are clearly under qualified. Tip: The most important requirements are usually listed first.
  5. Try to assess what the less important parts are: you need to meet 80% of those. But show how you are preparing to meet those requirements.
  6. Use the words in the advertisement in your cover letter and CV.
  7. Find evidence in your experience to prove that you have the skills, experience and personal qualities asked for. Here is a list of transferable skills for you to identify the skills you can claim.
    (Scroll down in this document, until you find them.)
  8. Do some more research about the company and even the person if there is a name.
  9. Attach all the documents asked for and in the right format.
  10. Double check your grammar and spelling, that you have the right address or email address, that you have attached the documents.