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Q: How do successful job hunters find their jobs?

A: You will be surprised!

  • 4% Looking for employers’ job postings on the Internet.
  • 7% Posting, or e-mailing your CV to employers.
  • 5-24% Answering local newspaper ads. Job hunters looking for low-level salary jobs find this method works 24% of the time; those looking for a high salary find it works only 5% of the time.
  • 5-28% Going to private employment agencies or search firms for help. This method apparently works between 5%and 28% of the time.
  • 22% Going to places where employers pick up workers. This works if you are in a trade or in construction. But the job may last just a few days.
  • 33% Asking for job leads. With this method, you ask family members, friends and people you know in the community (or on LinkedIn) if they know of any place where someone with your talents and background is being sought. By asking for job leads, you have an almost five times better chance of finding a job than if you had just sent out your CV.
  • 47% Knocking on the door of any employer, office or manufacturing plant. This method works 47% of the time and works best with small employers. Sometimes you can come to a place where a vacancy has just developed. By knocking on doors, you have an almost seven times better chance of finding a job than if you had just depended on your CV.
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These statistics are from American author an American author Richard Bolles, who wrote the best-seller ‘What color is your Parachute?. He regularly updates what job hunting tactics work in in America. Although there are no statistics for South Africa, we can imagine they are roughly similar, except that we have fewer jobs available here.

Suggestion: Spend time on all the methods but more time on the methods which have better chance of success!

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