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How to make extra cash while studying

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Most people associate part-time student work with restaurants, bars or retail stores. It’s not easy finding work that fits in with your class and study routines.

But there are ways you can earn money without serving food and drinks on the weekend. Come on, let’s find the entrepreneur in you!


With the growing popularity of social media neighbourhood groups, there are many ways you can put your services out there. Make sure you have good personal references to offer a family who needs a baby or pet-sitter. If you’re lucky, you can house-sit for long periods and make good money in comfort! Going rates for sleep-in house-sitting services are R230 – R300 p/d.


You’ll notice (if you’re looking) that your local social media groups or community newspapers will always have ads for tutors – especially Maths and languages. Or musical instrument lessons. Turn your talents and passions into cash. If you’re a handy sporty type, try your local teams who might be looking for refs or coaches.

Surveys & Focus groups

Check out the market research businesses in your city and offer your services. You’ll be surprised how many focus groups and one-on-one interviews are conducted for a whole range of products and services. You are a consumer so your views and opinions are of value to marketers – and you get paid to express them!

Run a small business’ social media

You’ll be surprised how many businesses just haven’t got around to employing the power of social media in their communications mix. You’re no doubt already an expert on Instagram and Facebook, so doing the same thing for a small business is right up your street. Start by calling around. Have a plan on how you’ll manage their posts and community engagement. Two or three clients paying you a modest fee will get you up and running.

Garage/yard sale

Turn your old stuff into cash – clothes, furniture, books and stuff you’re just tired of. One person’s junk is someone else’s treasure. Get your friends involved. Hype it up in the hood and in your online community pages. Have some fun and make some cash. If it all sounds like too much work, visit the many used clothing or 2nd hand furniture shops around you.

Sell stuff online

Let’s face it; the web offers a much larger audience than your neighbourhood garage sale. But the same principle applies…get rid of stuff you don’t want or need; you can be sure someone else is looking for it!

Make your own products

Maybe you’re handy with wood, or metal, or electronics, or simple crafts. Using the internet, you’ll always find someone looking for something unique. Having a hobby you love is good for stress levels – especially if it can make you cash!

Sell at a farmers market
They’re popping up everywhere. And it’s not just farmers who are cashing in. If you have a talent for making homemade candles, pies, essential oils – go and chat to the organisers of a craft/farmers market in your neighbourhood. Do things you love in your spare time and make extra cash, and new friends.

Open a savings account

It makes sense to put away any extra cash you make into an account that earns you a good interest rate. Not only do you watch your money grow, but it is a great motivator to be more disciplined in your spending.


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