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List of Skills in High Demand in South Africa

The South African List of Occupations in High Demand is reviewed every 2 years unless it is considered necessary to do so earlier. The next list of occupations in high demand is planned to be published in 2020.

Occupations in High Demand means:

  • Occupations that show relatively strong employment growth
  • Occupations that are experiencing shortages in the labour market or which are expected to be in demand in future.


General Manager Public Service
Senior Government Official
Senior Government Manager
Chief Financial Officer
Finance Manager
Management Accountant
Payroll Manager
Credit Manager
Internal Audit Manager
Corporate General Manager
Corporate Services Manager
Physical Asset Manager
Contract Manager
Programme or Project Manager
Labour Recruitment Manager
Quality Systems Manager
Sustainability Manager
Sales and Marketing Manager
Sales Executive
Sales Manager
Director of Marketing
lnteractive and Direct Marketing Strategist
Client Services Advisor
Customer Service Manager
Farm Manager
Production/Operations Manager
Production / Operations Supervisor (Forestry) Manufacturer
Production / Operations Manager (Manufacturing)
Engineering Manager
Power Generation Operations Manager (G)
Manufacturing Quality Manager
Construction Project Manager
Project Builder
Supply and Distribution Manager
Logistics Manager
Road Transport Manager
Warehouse Manager
Fleet Manager
Chief Information Officer
JCT Project Manager
Data Management Manager
Application Development Manager
Information Technology Manager
Information Systems Director
Environmental Manager
Laboratory Manager
Small Business Manager
Office Manager
Archives Manager
Museum Manager
Operations Manager
Operations Foreman (Non-Manufacturing )
Agriculture Consultant
Agricultural Scientist
Forest scientist
Wine Maker
Food and Beverage Scientist
Process engineer
Industrial Engineer
Industrial Engineering Technologist
Production Engineer
Production Engineering Technologist Civil Engineer
Industrial engineer
Civil Engineering Technologist
Mining engineer
Mining engineering technologist
Quantity Surveyor
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Engineering Technologist
Materials engineer
Material s engineering technologist
Materials non-destructive testing operators
Senior Secondary School Teacher (Grades 10-12)
Junior Secondary School Teacher (Grade s 8 – 9)
Foundational Phase School Teacher
Senior Primary School Teacher (Grades 4-7)
Investment Analyst
Investment Manager
Investment Advisor
Financial Markets Practitioner
Quality Assurance Analyst (Computers)
Legislation Facilitator
Master of the Court
Family Court Registrar
Civil Engineering Technician
Surveying or Cartographic Technician
Town Planning Technician
Electrical Engineering Technician
Electric Substation Operations Manager
Energy Efficiency Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Pressure Equipment Inspector
Aeronautical Engineering Technician
Building Associate
Clerk of Works
Construction supervisor
Water Plant Operator
Waste Materials Plant Operator Water Process Controller Medical Laboratory Technician Chef
ICT Communications Assistant
Broadcast Transmitter Operator
Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video) Sound Technician
Television Equipment Operator
Radio Station Operator
Production Assistant (Film, Television or Radio) Tourist Information Officer
Travel Consultant
Coding Clerk
Proof Reader
Child Care Worker
Electrical Installation Inspector
Mechatronics Technician
Lift Mechanic
Weapon Systems Mechanic
Armature Winder
Transportation Electrician


Hotel Manager
Importer or Exporter
Retail Manager
Service Station Manager
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Aeronautical Engineer
General Medical Practitioner
Hospital Pharmacist
Industrial Pharmacist
Retail Pharmacist
University Lecturer
Professor/Associate Professor
Early Childhood Development Practitioner
Financial Investment Advisor
Skills Development Facilitator/Practitioner
Labour Market Analyst
ICT Systems Analyst
Software Developer
ICT Risk Specialist Programmer
Analyst Developer Programmer
Applications Programmer
Social Worker
Electronic Engineering Technician
Fossil Power Plant Process Controller
Hydro Power Plant Process Controller
Nuclear Power Plant Process Controller
Wind Turbine Power Plant Process Controller
Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant Process Controller
Weatherisation Installers and Technicians
Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician
Wind Turbine Service Technician
Agricultural Technician
Agricultural Laboratory Technician
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Mathematical Assistant
Data Quality Officer
Decision Support Analyst
Statistical Assistant
Actuarial Assistant
Insurance Agent
Insurance Broker
Commodities Trader
Events Manager
Visual Merchandiser
Light Technician
Computer Network Technician
Geographic Information Systems
Specialist Geographic Information Systems Technicians
Client Services Administrator
General Clerk
Administrative Assistants
Word Processing Operator
Machine Shorthand Reporter
Data Entry Operator
Gaming Worker
Bookmaker’s Clerk
Payroll Clerk
Road Traffic Controller
Transport Clerk
Carpenter and Joiner Carpenter
Shutter hand
Solar Installer
Gas Practitioner
Fire Services Plumber Plumbing Inspector Heat Pump Installer
Pipe Fitter Welder Fitter-welder
Gas Cutter
Sheet metal worker
Boiler Maker
Metal Machinist
Fitter and Turner
Industrial Machinery Mechanic
Mechanical Equipment Repairer
Mechanical Fitter
Diesel Fitter
Small Engine Mechanic
Diesel Mechanic
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Tractor Mechanic
Forklift Mechanic
Lubrication Equipment Mechanic
Diamond and Gemstone Setter
Electrical Line Mechanic
Cable Jointer
Shot firer
Textile Wet Process Production Operator
Textile Wet Processes Finishing Machine Operator
Textile Printing Machine Operator
Fabric Bleaching Machine Operator
Textile Dyeing Machine Operator/ Textile Dyer
Textile Dyeing and Printing Preparation
Machine Operator
Footwear Cutting Production Machine Operator
Footwear Closing Production Machine Operator
Footwear Bottom Stock Production Machine Operator
Footwear Lasting Production Machine Operator
Footwear Finishing Production Machine Operator
Lorry Driver
Truck Driver (General)


Personnel / Human Resources Manager
Training and Development Manager Business Training Manager
Recruitment Manager
Employee Wellness Manager
Health and Safety Manager
Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHE&Q) Practitioner Security Serv ices Manager
Security Risk Assessment Manager
Environmental Education Manager
Statistical Modeller
Biologist (General)
Marine Biologist
Environmental Engineer (G)
Environmental Impact and Restoration Analyst
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineering Technologist
Graphic Designer
Multimedia Designer
Web Designer
Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
Registered Nurse (Child and Family Hea lth) Registered Nurse (Comm unjty Health) Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation) Registered Nurse (Medica l)
Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)
Registered Nurse (Mental Health) Registered Nurse (Operating theatre) Registered Nurse (Surgical)
Nurse Manager
Veterinary Pathologist
Veterinary Surgeon
Veterinary Parasitologist
Veterinary Epidemiologist
Veterinary Pathologist
Animal Doctor
Environmental Health Officer
Construction health and safety technician
Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHE&Q) Practitioner
English as a Second Language Teacher
English Conversation Instructor
English Language Teacher
Multimedia Specialist
Web Developer
Database Designer and Systems Administrator
Database Designer and Administrator
Computer Network and Systems Engineer
Network Analyst
ICT Security Specialist
Labour Market Economist
Clinical Psychologist
Food and Beverage Technician
Manufacturing Technician
Industrial Engineering Technician
Environmental Engineering Technician
Life Science Technician
Environmental Science Technician
Health Information Manager
Environmental and Occupational Health Inspector
Marine Safety Officer
Agricultural / Horticultural Produce Inspector
Aquaculture Produce Analyst
Safety Inspector
Retail Buyer
Procurement officers
Sales Representative (Business Services)
Supply Chain Practitioner
Marketing Coordinator
Secretary (Genera l)
Phone Centre Operator
Shift Telephonist
Telecom Operator
PABX Operator
Telephone Operator / Attendant
Stock Clerk I Officer
Dispatching and Receiving Clerk I Officer
Cafe Worker
Call Centre Salesperson
Residential Care Officer
Aged or Disabled Carer
Community Care Worker
Nursing Support Worker
Fire Fighter
Hazardous Materials Removal Workers Aviation Security Trainer/Officer Security Officer
Security Electronic Installation s
Retail Loss Prevention Officer
Tree Feller
Forest and Conservation Workers Stonemasons
Scaffold Erector
Roof Tiler
Roof Plumber
Roof Thatcher
Glass Maker
Optical Mechanic
Clothing, Home Textiles and General Goods Cutter
Apparel and related pattern maker
Concrete batching plant operator
Weaving Machine Operator
Warping Machine Operator
Braiding Machine Operator
Non-woven Machine Operator
Textile Dry Finishing Machine Operator
Textile and Footwear Manufacturing Machine Minder Bakery and Confectionary Product s Machine Operator Product Assembler
Mobile Plant Operators
Crane or Hoist Operator
Cable Ferry Operator
Dredge Operator
Forklift Driver

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