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Working from home: The new reality.

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Even before Covid-19 changed the way we live and work, many companies here and around the world were moving toward remote working. In tech and knowledge-based industries, it was actually beginning to become normal to have employees off-site.

The sudden impact of a global pandemic caught many of us off guard. Employers didn’t have the right systems in place and office workers had to adapt to a new reality.

Although it’s true that most of us love to take a day or two off work when we can, the majority of office workers feel more confident and secure in the office environment. It’s a familiar place with familiar faces, where self-discipline is supported by management systems and supportive colleagues.

Making the adjustment

Start by thinking about the benefits of remote working.

Firstly, you’ve eliminated the daily commute. Bonus. You have all that extra time at home instead of in grinding traffic.

So what will you do with that extra time?
Sleep longer? Put in more work hours? Hmmm. So it will help if you create an environment at home that puts you in a work frame of mind. Don’t think it’s OK to lie in bed or on your couch with a laptop; your brain knows those are places of rest. Even if you just set up on a corner of your kitchen table, you will have a space that puts you in a work mindset. And that is important.

Next, stick to your schedule. Whether you develop your own or follow one set by your team leader, a schedule gives you structure and will help minimize any distractions that develop at home.

Also, it’s important to keep channels of communication with your team open. Even if you leave your workspace to take a coffee break outside, or you need to attend a meeting online, update the status or calendar on your comms platform so others can keep track of your situation.


Regardless of the communications channels or platforms you and your team are using, try and create a separate channel for “water-cooler” chat time. It is important to keep bonded with our workmates, especially when we are forced to be separated from each other. Also, by having a dedicated “chat room” you will keep your official channel/s free from distractions.

In Summary:

  • Create a dedicated workspace away from rest areas
  • Create a schedule and stick to it
  • Share your schedule with all your team members
  • Share your activities and movements with your team
  • Create a dedicated “Chill-time” channel for team bonding
  • Schedule all of your meetings, on or offline, ahead of time.

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