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ICT beats agriculture as one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa.

“Currently, there is a lot happening in the telecoms sector, with the expanding national rollout of fibre driven by the growing uptake of bandwidth-intensive applications. This has opened up a host of opportunities, ranging from the implementation of cables to technical support services. As bandwidth speeds increase, we’re seeing the integration of technology, communication and entertainment to form a whole new industry that has really taken off in South Africa and represents a major growth sector” – Christo Botes

The country’s cell phone market is also the 4th fastest growing in the world at a rate of 50% per year. Many investment opportunities lie in developing access control systems/security equipment, systems, and software development in the banking and financial services sector, exporting hardware, silicon processing for fiber optics, integrated circuits, and solar cells.

In September 2018 South Africa hosted the 2018 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Telecom World for the first time, under the theme “Innovation for a Smarter Digital Development”, giving rise to young leaders with fresh thought patterns in the ICT space.

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