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Avoiding the most common IT interview mistakes

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The IT industry is booming, but even with the abundance of jobs available out there, it can still be hard to land a job after the initial interview. Why? Because so many applicants fail their interviews. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common IT interview mistakes that most people make, and showing you how to avoid them!

Mistake #1 – Not Researching the Company

During your interview, you have to be able to confidently and intelligently talk about the company you’re trying to land a job with. Specifics you should focus on researching before the interview include:

  • The company’s history, financial positions, mission, and services
  • The company’s focus market
  • The company’s main competitors

Mistake #2 – Being Vague in Responses

Let’s say the HR manager enquires about why you’re interested in the specific position you applied for. You give a vague, generic answer. Instantly, the HR manager thinks you’re just looking for any job in any industry instead of a particular role within a particular company, which is why they can happily fill that position with another candidate.

Don’t give vague answers. Instead, be enthusiastic and talk about the aspects of the job that really appeals to you. Elaborate on what you like about the role and responsibilities you’ll be given should you be offered the job.

Mistake #3 – Not Knowing the Details on Your CV

If the interviewer asks you to elaborate on something stated in your CV, you should immediately be able to do so without second-guessing what they’re talking about. Just because the information is stated on your CV doesn’t’ mean an interviewer won’t ask for a more detailed explanation of your background. Make sure you review your CV before attending the interview and practice a few responses based on general questions the interviewer might ask based on the details you’ve provided them with.

Mistake #4 – Criticizing Previous Employers

It can seem tempting, but making derogatory remarks about a previous employer or a role you held in the past is just never a good idea. Criticizing an old boss will probably open up the lines for uncomfortable questioning. The interviewer doesn’t know why you and your ex-boss don’t see eye to eye, so keep it that way and stay focused on the positive aspects of your previous employment.

Mistake #5 – Being Too Friendly

Sure you need to be engaging and interested in your interview, but the interviewer is NOT your friend, and you shouldn’t confuse engaging and interested behaviour with over-familiarity. Always conduct yourself with professionalism, regardless of how good the ‘vibe’ between you and the interviewer seems to be.

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