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So, you matched ALL the requirements for the job:

  • You applied on time
  • Your CV was neat and professional
  • You have the correct qualifications and experience
  • You sent all the documentation they asked for
  • You included a covering letter explaining why you feel you are the right candidate for the position

BUT you still didn’t get contacted for a job interview.

5 common reasons why you might not have been invited for an interview:

  1. Your telephone number/email address on your CV is wrong.
  • It’s typed incorrectly or the phone number has changed!
  1. You don’t have an email address
  • In this modern age, businesses prefer to contact people on an email address.
  • CLICK HERE to learn how to get an email address.
  1. You don’t answer your phone
  • Make sure you ALWAYS answer your phone with your name. Example. Hello, Sipho speaking.
  1. Inappropriate ringtone
  • Keep it neutral. Loud music, lyrics and tones may be offensive or inappropriate for that important call-back
  1. Background noise is too loud
  • Quickly find a quiet place to answer your phone.
  • If they can’t hear you – they cannot offer you an interview! It’s that simple.


If you’ve applied for a job:

(1) Make sure that your phone is ALWAYS on for at least 2-3 weeks afterwards.

(2) Make sure you ALWAYS answer your phone professionally. It might be the company phoning to offer you an interview.

  • Answer with your name.
  • e.g.: Hello, Sipho speaking / Good morning, Janine speaking

Find a quiet place, asap!

Speak clearly and professionally.

Always have a pen and paper ready so you can write down the address and time of interview.

Thank the caller for getting back to you

You might ONLY get one chance. Get it right the first time!

If I play hard to get, soon the phone stops ringing altogether – Mason Cooley


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