Aircraft Baggage Handler


OFO: 833304 


What is an Aircraft Baggage Handler? 

The job of an Aircraft Baggage Handler is to load and unload luggage and cargo off coming and going aircraft. They usually work at airports and sometimes are required to help the maintenance or ground crew, when necessary. 

These jobs may include:

  • Directing plane to storage hanger or ‘parking’
  • Putting ramps in place
  • Cleaning airplanes
  • Replacing water supplies

What does an Aircraft Baggage Handler do?

  • sorts luggage
  • make sure all luggage is safe and secure
  • X-ray luggage for illegal goods
  • load and unload cargo and baggage
  • drive baggage and cargo to and from aircraft on a baggage tractor
  • use forklifts and other air freight equipment 
  • pack and stack baggage and cargo responsibly
  • trace and track lost luggage
  • organise ‘lost’ luggage to be delivered to the right address

Are you … ?

  • physically strong?
  • medically fit?
  • responsible & trustworthy?
  • able to do physical work?
  • willing to work unusual hours?
  • a team player?
  • spatially aware? – Good at doing puzzles or fitting things together?

How do I become an Aircraft Baggage Handler?

Most Aircraft Baggage Handlers get on-the-job training or get training through a private provider.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Cabin Attendant or Wheel Alignment Technician

Is becoming an Aircraft Baggage Handler the right career choice for me?

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