How to create my cv?

 Here are the instructions      * Have all your Personal, Educational and Employment information available.      * Log into Career Planet and go to My Home (upper right hand corner)      * Click.      * Scroll down. On the middle right you will see an option to Update your Profile      * Click      * You

    I want to be a Pilot

    Aeroplane, Pilot, planes, aeroplanes, helicopters, Fighter Pilot, Bush Pilot, Aerial Spraying Contractor, Aerial Topdressing Contractor, Military Transport Pilot, Helicopter Pilot
    Attack Helicopter Pilot, student pilot, Private Pilot Commercial Pilot,

      I want to be an Engineer

      This is an overview of Engineering as a profession and where career seekers can find resources on our website

        What are faculties?

        I heard my teacher talk about the faculty of Humanities. What are faculties and what are humanities?

          What is a Learnership?

          Learnerships are a way to provide people with work experience as well as recognised qualifications. So while you are working you are gaining skills and experience, which are tested and registered as a qualification.

            What is RPL?

            Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a way for someone who has knowledge and skills, which have been got through experience, to gain credits towards a qualification.