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What is an Antique Dealer?

Antique Dealers deal with the buying and selling of antique items. They can work for an antique company, an auction house, a store, or on an independent basis.

To be an Antique Dealer, you have to have a deep knowledge of antiques and what they are worth.

As an Antique Dealer you need to be able to sell and to establish a reliable network of contacts who you either buy from or sell to. You will spend your time meeting with potential contacts, visiting existing contacts, and working with their network to keep things current. They help clients make the best decisions when purchasing antiques which are not only valuable, but sometimes hard to come by.

Antiques dealers get involved in their own and also visit auction houses on a regular basis. They visit other antique salesrooms, and are constantly looking out to potential profitable purchases.

What does and Antique Dealer do?

  • meet and liaise with clients and potential clients
  • continually research and study the background and pricing to antiques
  • specialise in a particular field: ceramics, paintings, art deco furniture, toys etc
  • source objects/antiques to sell
  • contact clients once you have found specialised collector’s pieces

Are you … ?

  • interested in antiques?
  • passionate about history?
  • observant?
  • a good negotiator?
  • willing to travel to see clients and/or source items?
  • reading and researching?

How do I become an Antique Dealer?

To become an Antiques Dealer one does not have to get any formal training or education. Having a sound understanding of antiques, the market place and trends in the antique industry is all you need to learn in order for you to be a dealer.

There are, however, some training courses which can help antique dealers expand on their knowledge and their approach to business.  Most of the time it’s knowledge that’s only gained through experience.

If you want to specialise, in say paintings, a degree or diploma in Fine Art and history might be beneficial.  If you want to specialise in Art Deco furniture – a diploma or degree in design and history, might be worth considering. 

Actually – any amount of knowledge gained through extra studies so that you can make an informed and reliable assessment of the item – will stand you in good stead with your clients and employer.


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Is becoming an Antique Dealer the right career choice for me?