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Other names for Blaster:

  • Mining / Quarrying Blaster


Youtube clip – Blaster & Explosive Workers

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What is a Blaster?

A Blaster works on a mine or in a quarry. They have the responsible job of fill the ‘holes’ made by the Rock Drill Operator with explosives and detonators.

Once the explosions take place, the rubble rock, coal or ore can be removed.

Sometimes the Blaster is used to set up explosives to demolish old or unsafe structures.

What does a Blaster do?

  • investigates area to blasted
  • plans the layout, diameter and depth for explosives
  • checks all the ‘holes’ to make sure they are the right size
  • loads the ‘holes’ with correct amount of explosive material
  • assembles detonators and wiring
  • covers filled ‘holes’ with rock dust
  • declares blast area safe
  • detonates!
  • ensures all explosives are detonated and looks for misfires
  • follows strict set of safety instructions
  • keeps records

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in explosives and blowing things up?
  • interested in mining?
  • able to work in small, dark places (if in a mine)?
  • safety conscious?
  • an accurate worker?
  • responsible and reliable?
  • trustworthy?
  • a team player?

How do I become a Blaster?

You will need a minimum Grade 9.


  • Learnership – Mining Operations Underground Hard Rock (Conventional Mining) Level 2 and 3


  • National Certificate: N2 Surface Mining
  • Learnership – NC: Surface Mining and Quarrying Level 3.


OTHER CAREER TO CONSIDER: Firework Display Artist or Chemical Plant Worker

Is becoming a Blaster the right career choice for me?