Boutique Dressmaker

The world of fashion is your passion. Why not consider a career in Dressmaking. Boutique Dressmakers make, alter or repair clothing for private boutiques.

They cut and sew custom-made clothing like men’s suits, jackets and coats, dresses, blouses, eveningwear and sportswear.

They discuss the clients’ requirements and take his/her measurements, and estimate how much the garment will cost to make. They then mark and cut the material according to the chosen design, loosely stitch (tack) the garment before sewing the pieces of material together in order to shape the garment.

The client will visit the dressmaker for a fitting at which stage the dressmaker will assess the garment for any necessary alterations.  Once the garment is fitting correctly the dressmaker will complete the garment ensuring that the customer is happy with the finished product.

Dressmakers often own their own studios.  They can become involved with creating and sewing outfits for weddings, fashion shows and many other important engagements.

Many dressmakers follow a passion and have a natural ability to sew and understand a customers requirements.