Bus Driver



What is a Bus Driver?

A Bus Driver drives a bus professionally. He/she carries passengers safely from one bus stop or bus station to another. 

Some Bus Drivers work locally (in towns) and others nationally (driving passengers from one city to another). They drive specific routes according to specified time schedules.

Bus Drivers can work for municipalities, the government or private tour companies. Some tour bus drivers are also tour guides.

What does a Bus Driver do?

  • inspect their bus to ensure that it’s operating properly
  • make sure their bus is clean, inside and out
  • greet their passengers in a friendly way
  • receive fare money and give the correct change
  • help old or disabled people onto the bus
  • drive cautiously to the destination
  • obey the rules of the road
  • make sure passengers are safe at all times

Are you… ?

  • people friendly?
  • a good and responsible driver?
  • able to drive in extreme weather conditions?
  • helpful?
  • reliable?
  • respectful?
  • self-disciplined?
  • a person with good eyesight?
  • healthy?
  • able to handle stress and emergencies?
  • able to work shifts?
  • good at concentrating for long periods at a time?
  • punctual?

How do I become a Bus Driver?

You will require a valid heavy duty driving license for buses.

EMPLOYMENT:  Some opportunities are available for get on-the-job training. 

Minimum requirements:  Grade 8 Certificate, 21 years old or older.  Some employers prefer higher educational qualifications.  

The more skills you have, the easier it is to get a job. 

These places offer Advanced Driving Courses:

  • The Operator Training Centre
  • Emthonjeni Training Centre
  • Bloemfontein Training Centre
  • Apex Group Training Centre
  • Driver Training Scheme at Luipaardsvlei


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Tour Bus Driver or Crane Operator

Is becoming a Bus Driver the right career choice for me?



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