Cabin Attendant

OFO No:  511101

What is a Cabin Attendant?

Cabin Attendants are in demand!

A Cabin Attendant’s job is to help make flights as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible for their passengers.

They are also known as Cabin Crew, Air Stewards or Flight Attendants.

What does a Cabin Attendant do?

  • attend the captain’s pre-flight briefing
  • make sure the passenger cabin and galley is in order and well-stocked
  • welcome passengers on board and direct them to their seats
  • assist passengers with special needs
  • reassure nervous passengers
  • demonstrate the use of safety equipment and
  • make announcements regarding in-flight instructions and general information
  • serve refreshments and meals
  • hand out reading materials, pillows and blankets
  • if required, administer first aid

Are you … ?

  • a people’s person?
  • a person who loves travel?
  • a person who likes to serve?
  • friendly and charming?
  • organised?
  • confident enough to deal with difficult passengers?
  • a good swimmer?
  • emotionally stable?
  • neat and attractive?
  • spontaneous?
  • bilingual?
  • willing to work unusual and long hours?
  • good under stress or during emergencies?

How do I become a Cabin Attendant?

TETA suggests you do a SEPT Skill Programe or National Certificate in Aviation Support Operations / Cabin Crew.

You will need a Grade 12 with Maths & English and pass an aviation medical examination.

CLICK HERE for a list of SACA approved and certified CABIN CREW Training Companies.


Ages between 18 and 35 years
Neat & presentable
Able to swim
Well groomed
Fluent in English


Offers practical and theoretical training.
A 6 month course covers: passenger handling, reservations, emergency procedures, first aid, and catering.
Advance courses are available.

Minimum requirements 

SA citizenship
18 years or older
Minimum 1.58m tall (reasonable proportions/height/mass)
Pass a Selection Committee test



Offers a course:  6 weeks

Minimum requirements: 

Class 2 medical certificate
18 years or older
Proficient in English

 Recommended:  Grade 12 or NQF Level 4.  Although not required for the course, it is often required for a job placement


Minimum requirements:  Grade 12, be 18 years +.  Read, write and speak English well.


Tourism Industry Organizations:

  • Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA)

  • Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA)

  • The South African Tourism Industry Association


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Concierge or Guest Liaison

Is becoming a Cabin Attendant the right career choice for me?

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