Colonic Hydrotherapist



What is a Colonic Hydrotherapist?

A Colonic Hydrotherapist is a trained, alternative medical health practitioner who ‘flushes’ out the colon of their patients using warm water. 

The warm water removes faecal matter (poop) and other impurities that may be lining the inside of the colon. It is believed that this cleansing helps the patient feel healthy but a lot of medical doctors do not support this alternative treatment.

The Colonic Hydrotherapist inserts a sterile tube up the anus (bum) of the patient and then gently flush warm water up the tube.  The warm water loosens the poop inside and it gets flushed out.

Colonic Hydrotherapy is believed to assist those suffering from various ailments, such as:

  • Constipation
  • Flatulence (farting)
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue (tiredness) etc

Here’s a Youtube clip of a Colonic Irrigation

What does a Colonic Hydrotherapist do?

  • interview patient to understand the patient’s issues and concerns
  • put the patient at ease
  • explain procedure to patient
  • get patient to lie down
  • insert tube into anus
  • make sure patient is comfortable
  • flush out the poop
  • clean up afterwards
  • sterilise equipment for the next patient
  • keep records

Are you … ?

  • interested in alternative medical treatments?
  • able to deal with faeces (poop)?
  • safety conscious?
  • hygiene conscious?
  • patient and friendly?
  • methodical?
  • understanding?

How do I become a Colonic Hydrotherapist?

You need a Colonic Hydrotherapy qualification.

Here are a few places that offer courses:


  • TRINITY HEALTH!training/cpcb

OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Nutritionist or Occupational Therapist 

Is becoming a Colonic Hydrotherapist the right career choice for me?

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