Combat Officers


OFO No: 542101






Other names for Naval Combat Operator:

  • Combat Operator (Clearance Diver)
  • Combat Operator (Engine Room Attendant)
  • Combat Operator (Marine)
  • Combat Operator (Mine Counter Measures Operator)
  • Combat Operator (Protection Services)
  • Combat Operator (Radar Operator Dry)
  • Combat Operator (Radar Operator Elint)
  • Combat Operator (Radar Operator Wet)
  • Combat Operator (Seaman)
  • Combat Operator (Surface Control Operator)
  • Combat Operator (Surface Weapons Operator)
  • Combat Operator (Survey Recorder)
  • Combat Operator (Telecommunication Operator Radio)
  • Combat Operator (Telecommunication Operator Tactic
  • Combat Operator (Telecommunication Operator)
  • Combat Operator (Weapons Operator Mine Counter) 

What is a Naval Combat Operator?

Combat Operators are responsible for executing the Navy’s main function – maritime warfare.

These officers, who run the Navy’s ships and the Navy itself, lead the Navy’s combat element. Naturally they are highly-motivated, well-trained leaders with the necessary expertise in putting complex computerised weaponry to effective use.

Although this career makes high personal demands, it is unique and very stimulating. The peak of many a combat officer’s career is taking command of a warship.

What does a Naval Combat Operator do?

  • collects intelligence and tries to understand or decipher it
  • writes reports
  • guards naval vessels or defence force bases
  • maintains combat readiness of ships, weapons, explosives etc
  • maintains safety and security
  • provides clearance for divers and underwater repairs
  • operates defence systems and advanced weapons etc

Are you … ?

  • a South African citizen?
  • a person who likes being on the sea?
  • disciplined?
  • cool under pressure?
  • a team player?
  • safety conscious?
  • a logical thinker?
  • brave?

How do I become a Naval Combat Operator?

You will need a matric and to be deemed medically fit.

Path 1

  • Enlist with the SANDF

Path 2

  • 2 year programme for all new recruits
  • You will apply for MSDS at the South African Navy (SAN)

Path 3

  • After this you can apply to undergo a learning course, conducted at the Maritime Warfare Training Centre


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Is becoming a Combat Naval Combat Operator the right career choice for me?